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I need help improving my website

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I have 2 problems and hope you can help: An addition I want to make is the first, the second being picture arrangement on my website. 

I want to place an order form online for parts. I'll be attaching a part catalog via document or link to an online source, but I want to have an order form with it so someone can look up a part in the catalog and enter in the part number into the order form. This would allow someone to e-mail what part they need instead of it requiring a phone call. How would I implement such an order form? 

Secondly, to be able to adjust the location of pictures on my website, I have to place them in their own zone. The only way I know of to adjust zones is by clicking on design, then layout (under the zone category) and changing the zone layout.  Is there a way to add a zone anywhere I please?  Is there a way to click and drag pictures to the location I want them to end up?


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  • About the best you can do for an order form is use a 3rd party solution like Google Docs. Scroll down here for a how to.

    I'd consider using tables not zones for pictures. Remember you can also align pictures with text using the "float" options in the context menu. 

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for coming the communities  with your concerns.

    About implementing  order form,if you do not wish to use a third party solution or coding.  The only supported method would be to place the form file into the Documents library of the public site and create a link to this to the public.  Another option might be to display the form in a frame, such as using one of the Web Apps with anonymous access.However,you can use a third party solution mchv2.0 provided.

    About adjusting the pictures,  using tables and then insert the pictures is a good way to align pictures.However,there isn't a way to click and drag pictures to location.

    @mchv2.0,thank you for your solution.


    Keats Ge

  • Hi Steve,

    What are the things going?Isn't the issue resolved?


    Keats Ge