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Comparison: Google Apps Business -> Office 365 (1 Person Account)

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I am currently thinking about switching from Google Apps Business to Office 365 with one user account. As far as I understood correctly, if I would use Office 365, it would be more expensive and I would lose important features. Hopefully I am wrong.

Currently, Google Apps Business gives me 25 GB mail space, 5 GB extra online storage, free unlimited web office with PDF upload etc. (OCR support), real XMPP access, configurable spam filters, an ugly website, internal groups, extra video space, free email and 24/7 phone support as well as the Google Marketplace with a lot of cheap or even free third party web apps and custom branding (logo) etc. 

All together, I pay each month $5. 

Office 365: For $5 I don't get anything. P1 plan with similar (but still less) features costs $6. 

Also there is no... 

* XMPP access

* configurable spam filter

* phone support

* Marketplace

* custom branding

And I am not able to use a paginated document view while writing a text document using Word Online?! That way I will never know when I reached the end of the page. -.- 

Is that correct? 

Also how come "configurable anti-spam filtering" is supported on the cheaper "Email plan for $4" but the more expensive P1 plan doesn't allow it? ?   And XMPP (Lync Online) is still not supported? I can't believe that. 

Office 365 has an amazing looking UI, but if the above is correct... the features remind me of Google Apps "five years" ago. 

And why does "" require full remote control of my Android phone? "Erase all data (erase the phone's data without warning, by performing a factory reset)". Is that a joke? 


Thanks to the two users who rated my questions as "unhelpful". Great community! 

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    I think Google Apps and Office 365 are different.

    It’s all depends on which plan you choose and can be very different.  So my suggestion is to sign up a trail and try it. During your testing, if you have any questions by submit a service request or regarding for a phone support you can always get an answer from the support team.

    Best Regards,

    Ken-MSFT Moderator