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emails lost in all accounts and folders

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apparently we lost all emails in office 365 for all accounts and in all folders (even spam folder) for the period 20/04/2012 till around 15/06/2012. How can this be resolved? and what happend?

All other emails (with a history of over 4 years) are available.

The loss is not only for the account in the domain, also connected pop accounts emails are gone.

DB error?


I don't know where to start looking.

THX for all help!

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  • Hi bduron,

    This may leaded by that your domain's MX record was changed, The MX record indicate mails which place to go.

  • Hi bduron,

    Was the MX record of your custom domain  pointed to Office 365 during that priod?
    Do you use your custom domain with Office 365 to send/receive emails?
    When the emails lost, is there any error message in Office 365?
    Does this issue still persist?

    In addition, could you please provide the custom domain name through the private message?
    It will help us to monitor the status of the DNS records.
    The way to get private message
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    • Click Private messages.
    • Click the subject title of the response to read the message.
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    Larry He

  • cannot be, because i DID received email in that period in my inbox (have printed copies). Now they are gone. After looking further all emails are gone for a certain period in ALL folders (deleted, inbox, send etc..) for that period and even for ALL accounts, not just mine...


  • Are there any retention polices applied to your orgnazation?
  • Hi Modyka,

    No, no other than standard out of the box. It's also not a cause because older messages are available, only these for the mentioned period are 'Gone'...

  • Did this also occur on Outlook Desktop application?

    Are there any special actions applied to your org during that peroid?

  • Yes, also in outlook desktop app. no other actions/events happened.

  • Hi bduron,

    There is an help article. You can follow it to troubleshoot the mail flow.

  • Hi Modyka, THX for all the advice but it doesn't helps me.

    The message is not found and I even get an error stating:

    " De zoekservice van log boek is niet beschikbaar op server "

    Translation: "search service on log-file not available on server ...."

    I'm not worried about those lost emails, but more that this can happen with my customers and I cannot explain anything..

  • U can submmit your request at this MS Support site:

  • Hi bduron,
    If you  need more help, please feel free to contact us.

    Larry He