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VERIFYING MY DOMAIN........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have spent the last 2 months attempting to verify my domain without sucess!! Freeparking whom I am with sent me this and said it had been done but when I click verify it denies it has been done;

I am now desperate to sort this out as I am losing business without my site, Freeparking are worst than useless and any help frpm 365 has also been just stating the obvious and when you ask for help they just keep syaing try this it will work!! Well it doesn't this is a total shambles, Microsoft have a lot to answer for - CAN ANYONE SPEAK IN PLAIN ENGLISH NOT TECHY AND HELP ME !!!!

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  • Hi

    When you log into your Office 365 Admin portal and go to Domains / Add domain, the wizard will ask to verify your domain. Does this fail for you?

  • If you describe specifically what you've tried so far, maybe we can sort this out. The process is pretty simple but the terminology used can make the steps needed confusing.
  • I have moved my website across as directed - in attempting to get my provider who is Freeparking to verify they finally said they had done what was asked using MX as can be seen in my original note above - despite clicking verify it ays it does not work?? It was set up on Tuesday so 72 hours have lapsed but because of the problems I had with Freeparking on what should be a simple matter I dont trust them to have doen it right.

    How can I get round this or can someone check what they have put correct?

  • Hi Dazzer

    If you go to you can independantly check what your MX record has been set to by Freeparking, if you send me a private message I could look at your settings a little more to see if I could help

  • Hi Dazzer,

    Is "" your custom domain?
    I have checked the DNS records for and found that the MX record is not updated correctly.

    The correct MX record should be similar like :ms12345678.msv1.invalid, the host name should be "@".
    Based on this situation, please add the right MX record at your DNS hosting provider(here is Freeparking).
    If you are not familiar with the DNS records, you can contact Freeparking to help you to add the DNS record.

    Larry He

  • Hi Dazzer

    You sent a requesting into the, regarding issues with your Office 365 setup.

    I have looked through a number of posts you have made on the Office 365 forums and I just wanted to confirm a few things before I give you the wrong advice.

    1) Could you confirm what Office 365 plan you have subscribed to? eg do you know if it is a K, or P plan?

    2) Can you confirm that currently your website and email is hosted with Freeparking?

    3) Could you let me know if you want to keep your website with your currect provider or move and host this on Office 365 using Sharepoint?

    4) Or do you just to want access your emails from Office 365?

    5) Does your current email system still work ok or is it currently faulty?

    6) Is your website currently working ok, or again is it down?

    7) Can you confirm your email/website address

    8) Can you login to your FreeParking accounr and make DNS changes yourself or do you need to ask them to make these changes for you?

    I can have looked at your current MX email settings and they do not look to be setup currectly to work with Office365, but the correct setting can depend on if you want both your website and email hosted by Office365.

    Sorry for all the questions but just want to fully understand what you need



  • Yes Greenwell is my domain, I will contact Freeparking and advise them of what you have said - it just amazes me how a company of that size and experiene kep getting it wrong!!

    Thank you.

  • 1.  P

    2. yes

    3. I wanted to keep it with Freeparking if I could but with all the issues as long as I can retain the domain name I really dont care - previously it was Office Live and thats where the problem started

    4. Wherever is easiest, as long as they work!

    5.I have a fault on my business emails and have received none for the past 3 days

    6. No website since 1st May when Office Live dies a death


    8. I can do but have never tried it

  • Hi Dazzer,

    Based on the information you post, I understand that you have contacted your domain register Freeparking. If there is any updates about this issue, please feel free to post here, it is always our pleasure to be of assistance.

    Linda Wang

  • You can see from my problems in verifying my domain I have many issues....all unresolved - I need someone to get a grip of this and help me sort out the entire mess - between 365 and Freeparking you have both been so inept is unreal and are sucessfully ruining my business as I have neither a website or email facility now!!! Is there anyone who can deal with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My suggestion is delete the MSFT MX record msxxxxxxxx.msv1.invalid

    Get the TXT record from admin>>domains>>dns settings

    Log into freeparking

    Add the TXT record:

    Host   TXT

    @       MS=msxxxxxxxxxxx

    Try to verify

  • Hi Dazzer

    If you want, if you gave me access to your freeparking and 365 account then i could look at making the relevant changes for you, I fully understand this may not be something you want to do. But the offer is there if you want.

    Just Private Message me the details if you would like me to do this.

  • Remember I said 'plain english' - what, for those who don't speak computer, does that all mean!!!!!!!!! This is exactly the problem I have encountered previously and continue to do......why o why can't life be easy!!

  • Hi Dazzer

    The MX record or TXT record can only be added by you or your DNS hosting provider(Freeparking).
    I have checked the DNS records for you domain, and there is no updates for the domain validation.

  • Thanks for telling me that I would never have guessed it!!!! Please don't reply on matters with the obvious, I am fed up with repeatedly being spoken to in 'techy speak' - realise there are people in this world who have a life and just want someone to resolve a problem in plain English.

    It is clear that 365 is not the place to put my website, having 'cocked up' my business for 2 months by closing down OfficeLive which was so simple and easy, FOR GODS SAKE 365 RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM, IN ANY OTHER BUSINESS YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN SACKED FOR BEING SO UNHELPFUL AND INEPT!!