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access denied while trying to access to sharepoint

  • Hi,

    Please reply why i m not allowed to view sharepoint, always above error message reflects while trying it to open.




    Error: Access Denied

      Current User
    You are currently signed in as:
    Sign in as a different user 

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  • Hello Ilesh,

    Have you, as the administrator, added yourself as a user on the site collection?  

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Moderator

  • Hi Ilesh,

    Before going further, I would like to confirm the following important points:

    1. What’s the account type (for example: extranet user or global administrator) ?

    2. Is it the first time you are trying to access the Team Site using this account?

    I have tried to reproduce your issue. I create a new user account “Pan” using my admin account “Mindy”, log on the account “Pan” and try to access Team Site, the same “Access Denied” error is encountered. 

    My issue is resolved by adding the new account in a SharePoint Group or granting permissions to the new account directly. The detailed steps are provided as below:

    1. Log on the admin account (here is the account “Mindy”), go to the Team Site.

    2. Click “Site Actions”, click “Site Settings”. 

    3. Click “Site permissions ” under “Users and Permissions”.

    4. Click “Grant Permissions” option in the ribbon.

    5. Type in the user name (here is “Pan”), click Check Names.

    6. There are two options “Add users to a SharePoint group (recommended)” and “Grant users permission directly”. We can select a SharePoint group or a permission level. Click “OK”.

    I hope the above information helps.


    Mindy Pan


  • Hi Ilesh,

    Has the issue been fixed yet?


    Mindy Pan


  • Having the same problem as Ilesh. Tried above steps to no avail. I simply cannot access the SharePoint admin area through the "Manage" link on the Admin Home Page.

  • Hi EpicHealthAdmin,

    I realize that an “Access Denied” error is received when clicking Manage under SharePoint Online on the Admin page. Before going further, I would like to know whether the user account is a Global Administrator or not. Only Global Administrator can click Manage to access the SharePoint administration center. 

    You may check this account’s permissions by performing the following steps:

    1. On the Admin page, click Users on the left panel.

    2. Select the user and click Edit.

    3. Click Settings. The permission level is shown under Assign role.


    Mindy Pan



  • Thanks for your reply. Yes the setting is for "Global Administrator" as is the case for the "default" admin account when I set up the account.

  • Hi EpicHealthAdmin,

    You encounter the “Access Denied” error when clicking Manage to access SharePoint Administrator Center. However, Ilesh receives “Access Denied” error when trying to access SharePoint site. These two issues can be caused by different factors. Given this situation, I will recommend creating a new dedicated thread, so that we can dig deeper on this SharePoint Administrator Center access denied issue. Meanwhile, in the new thread, please post a screenshot of the error message which you encountered.


    Mindy Pan