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Can I purchase more storage space?

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I recently bought a single user P1 plan, and as far as I can see I can store up to 10 Gb data. My plan was to move everything from SkyDrive to Office 365, but for that I will need more space. There is no option for me to buy storage space - all I can do is to buy Office Professional Plus. Is that correct? I have 25 Gb available on SkyDrive!




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  • Hi Jakob,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to buy Extra Storage on the P1 Plan. However, it is possible on the 'E' Plans.

    It depends also on which product you need the storage for. Exchange Online Plan 2, for instance, includes unlimited storage for emails.

    SharePoint Online on the other hand has a limit which can be increased by buying extra storage in units as an add-on through the portal.

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Woolhouse