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"Unknown Error" from server

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I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask a question, but I really did not know what is the exact place to post. We are synchronizing contacts and calendar from our CRM with office 365. Lately, several customers complained, (and we manage to reproduce the exception) that this internal sever error happens on synchronization, whether on deleting some calendar activities or contacts. 

I would like to know, if there exist some limit on service calls in particular time period, which, after it is exceeded, server denies the calls? Does this has to do something with particular server settings which can be changed????

I would really appreciate all information or advice on this, for our customers are really pleased with the new office and many of them are starting to switch from old exchange versions, but with this issue we have, we are kind of hitting the wall, for the sync we have implemented is one of most important features.

Thank you very much

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  • Hello Taida,

    What CRM is being used? Support for CRM implentation with Office 365 is very limited in Office 365 Technical Support. Just to clarify thins a little bit more, what evironmental varilables are there, such as Server 2008 R2 AD, Version of DirSync tool installed? Also is this an issue with mailboxes or the CRM in use? Please let me know what factors we are dealing with.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Brandon Kempma
    Office 365 Technical Support.