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Delivery Delay Diagnostic-Code: smtp;400 4.4.7 Message delayed from low score

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Reporting-MTA: dns; Received-From-MTA: dns; Arrival-Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 18:28:09 +0000 Final-Recipient: rfc822;email@email.comAction: delayed Status: 4.4.7 Diagnostic-Code: smtp;400 4.4.7 Message delayed Will-Retry-Until: Mon, 14 May 2012 18:28:09 +0000 X-Display-Name: Name (CFM)




So anyone who finds this thread, the problem is with a low (by Cisco) reputation score.

Microsoft needs more motivation to get this going.  If you are having this problem please follow these steps:

1. Please open a ticket here:

2. Please post the service request ticket here and/or send it to me via private message.  I will add it to my master ticket


May 14@5:11pm EDT: I don't think we need anymore tickets to get Microsoft to pay attention to the issue.  They are fully aware of the seriousness of it and are addressing it at the highest levels.  See my newer posts for more updates.


 Please read the thread before posting, most of your questions will probably be answered

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  • Michshin - Could you do us a favor, and provide links to any other forums or public statements that Cisco or has released on this issue?  Some of us on this thread have been trying to contact senderbase and cannot get a response.

    To me, this is still Microsoft's issue to resolve at this point.  We have no recourse what-so-ever with, and we need the leverage of Microsoft to push the issue with Cisco.  Also, our subscribers to senderbase (e.g. are very large federal government agencies or contractors, and really won't respond to us asking them to change their policies / thresholds.  Only Microsoft and other large orgs can help Cisco and the other entities sort this out.

  • climbguy5 - Thanks for the updates and the efforts.

    I concur with Jason's statement and will add this - It really doesn't matter who is ultimately culpable from a technical perspective.  Given that we are probably all a fairly technical audience, we can certainly understand how cloud service integration operates and appreciate that the problem may be with (still unconfirmed without evidence).  However, even if that proves to be the case, our business is with Microsoft and the service that Microsoft is providing to us is currently at risk.  Microsoft may subscribe to some other entity for supporting its service but it is not the responsibility of Office 365 customers such as ourselves to understand the specific details of how its service is architected and what service providers it leverages.  It is Microsoft's responsibility as our service provider to represent our interests in dealing with the service provider.  Our customers can certainly care less if Cisco is causing our problem.  They just demand that we are responsive to their needs.  If we were to go off and tell them to contact Cisco they would have every right to simply dump us for failure to be responsive to their needs.

  • This issue has been escalated very high within Microsoft, at least to the VP level and they are actively engaged, even Sunday-Mother's Day, in attempting to resolve.  Senderbase will not artificially raise the status of the hosted Exchange and we all can imagine that large Gov agencies will be unlikely to soften their policies.  A status of neutral is not considered bad/poor except by a select few highly secured domains.  So someone will have to give, but I feel better knowing Microsoft leadership is actively working this issue.

  • Erick - thanks for the update.  Could you help us understand your source for the information that the issue has been escalated?  I have not been updated by Microsoft since the last support call that I initiated on Friday afternoon.  Thanks in advance.

  • I requested escalation through a long standing relationship with their Federal Team. Found out after the fact that they were already working it but I pointed them to this thread and chatted with them briefly, providing what we know. They seem to be all hands on deck which is good for all of us. I will say I imagine this shift in algorithm is probably impacting more hosts than just O365. We have seen issues from a GoDaddy hosted exchange as well but their error messaging and support are inferior to what we typically receive from O365.

  • I now know of one major government consulting company ForeFront subscriber that has lowered its scoring threshold to allow the messages through and sent out a communication warning its employees of the increased potential for receiving SPAM and phishing attacks.  My tests seem to confirm that my company can now communicate with that organization as we would normally expect.  The .gov issues remain, however.  One out of about a dozen test messages to has gone through.  I sent it on Thursday afternoon and it arrived early this (Monday) morning.

  • Anybody heard any updates today?

  • Not yet, my Microsoft contacts are in Seattle so I was planning on checking in with them in an hour.

  • We have been experiencing the same problem with e-mails from our domain to being first being delayed, then outright rejected.  This has been going on since at least last Thursday. Requests to IT for whitelisting have been turned down.  I opened a ticket with MS as requested.  It is SR (SR numbers edit by MSFT Support.)

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  • Anandamira - welcome to the club :)

    I have managed to get some notice on Twitter (follow @shr0p), with @CiscoSecurity taking notice this morning.  They are following up with the ESA PM team, but I haven't heard anything other than that.

    I wrote-up a blog post as a go-to resource to help us get attention / press on this issue.  If you have anything to add, please forward your suggestions.

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  • Cisco has replied with two tweets here and here pointing fingers at Microsoft.


  • We are having the same issue, and I hope MFST can  fix the problem ASAP.   How do they expect us to let every Fortune 500 client that we have know that they need to white list the ips, That is not a good fix... They need to work this out ASAP......

  • I have received word that the score was reset to 0.  It will take time for to 'learn' about Microsoft's IP sending pattern before a good score is reached.

  • William - thanks for posting.  Please post your SR# with Microsoft here so that it can be linked.

    Could you help enlighten us as to the extent of your issue?  How many domains are you being rejected from?  Any other information you can provide will help.

  • William,


    They don't expect you to ask for white listing everywhere, anyone who told you to request white listing is a low level employee that doesn't know what they are talking about.

    Microsoft is addressing the issue at the highest levels, it sounds like they are making progress.