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Delivery Delay Diagnostic-Code: smtp;400 4.4.7 Message delayed from low score

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Reporting-MTA: dns; Received-From-MTA: dns; Arrival-Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 18:28:09 +0000 Final-Recipient: rfc822;email@email.comAction: delayed Status: 4.4.7 Diagnostic-Code: smtp;400 4.4.7 Message delayed Will-Retry-Until: Mon, 14 May 2012 18:28:09 +0000 X-Display-Name: Name (CFM)




So anyone who finds this thread, the problem is with a low (by Cisco) reputation score.

Microsoft needs more motivation to get this going.  If you are having this problem please follow these steps:

1. Please open a ticket here:

2. Please post the service request ticket here and/or send it to me via private message.  I will add it to my master ticket


May 14@5:11pm EDT: I don't think we need anymore tickets to get Microsoft to pay attention to the issue.  They are fully aware of the seriousness of it and are addressing it at the highest levels.  See my newer posts for more updates.


 Please read the thread before posting, most of your questions will probably be answered

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  • Jason, I have spoken to Microsoft about this issue today, but they have not acknowledged that the problem is on their end.  I'm also trying to contact the IT departments of the Government org's in question to find out what the errors look like on their side.

  • Kevin,  please read through the thread here, the problem is that Microsoft is getting a sender score under 0 by run by Cisco.  The VA won't do anything for you, they will point  you to  Please send me your ticket number, so i can place it on my master ticket.


  • Hi Kevin, no, I haven't put in a support ticket. Please tell me where/ how, and I'll do so.

  • you can file a service request at:

    anyone who sees this thread and is having the same problem, please open a ticket and post your ticket # here or send it to me via private message.


    Microsoft is trying to tell some people it is 'just them' and we need to make sure they know it is all of us



  • Climbguy, you should already have my ticket, which was posted earlier: XXXXXXXXXX

    I did read through the thread.  I'm trying to contact HHS as the error reported for them via FOPE message tracking is slightly different.  Probably same problem, but just want to be thorough and gather as much info as possible.

  • Keven, I do sorry I should have said BR-ISS.  I do have your ticket and linked it to mine.

    Maybe HHS will be more helpful, VA didn't give me much to go off of.

  • Here is mine.

    Reference number: XXXXXXXXXX

  • thanks BR-ISS, I updated my master ticket

  • I have updated my ticket with VA with the link for this forum and a request that the NSOC assist in getting Microsoft to fix its service to them based on the broadening exposure.  We'll see if it has any effect.

  • To recap: All active SR#'s reporting this issue.  I am on the phone with Microsoft right now...

    (SR numbers edit by MSFT Support.)

  • Good News!!!


    Microsoft is now acknowledging the problem and is reviewing it on the operations team in the Forefront.  I was told to expect a resolution in the next several hours.  I  am still on the phone with MS and will update it as I get more information.


    Thank you to everyone who files service requests!


    I will update this thread with any new information I get.


    It is still very important that if you find this thread and are having a problem that you file a service request and post your ticket # on this thread or send it to me via PM.  The more people who have the issue the more resources Microsoft will allot to this problem.

  • I have just been informed that there is no ETA on the issue

  • The Forefront team told my guy (Weedny) on Tier 1 that the easiest / fastest thing to do was to have our recipients add Office365 IP blocks to their whitelists.  I explained that this was unacceptable, because VA flat out refuses.  Here are the options as I see it, with the prefererence being option 1.  Option 2 isn't that great, because who knows how many domains are affected (anyone using ironport / senderbase?).

    1) Microsoft work with Cisco / to sort out its risk score issue.

    2) Microsoft work with VA to explain how many emails are sent from Office365 to daily to get them to whitelist.

    My contact, Weedny is going back to a Subject Matter Expert to try to get an L2 escalation.

  • Jason,

    the only long term option is #1, since the problem isn't just VA, but anyone with

  • A large government consulting firm that uses Microsoft Forefront sent out an email today that listed a variety of domains that it's aware of that have moved into a "Neutral" rating as of earlier this week and are now being blocked.  They include:

    Just a few big names on that list.  Of course, the organization's response is that it will continue to block them until they achieve a "Good" rating.  

    Something happened this week that's much bigger than us.