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How Do I Use Explorer?

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I am trying to drag and drop files that I've created using OneNote Online into folders in my Documents section, and I would like to be able to put them all on a Site Page that I've created.


But I'm pretty lost.  I don't know how to use (or even find) Explorer. From what I've read, that's the way to do it.



I don't have a team -- I'm the only one using O365.



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  • Hi,

    An easier way is to from inside OneNote click File, Click Share notice where it says Network, that will put the files right into Sharepoint for you, and you can open them from there too.

  • BP

    From IE follow red number.

    1. Teamsite

    2. Documents

    3. Square box left side of "Type"

    4. Library

    5. Explorer icon




    If you get error, Add your site address in "Internet Option"->Security->Trusted Site


    (PS) I added 4. library

  • Hi,

    This is Tim with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.


    The screen shot above is spot on. Please follow the steps and let us know if you have any other issues. I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.


    Tim Muth
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Thank you for this, but when I go to click on Open With Explorer, it's grayed out.

    Any suggestions?

  • BP


    You need to use Internet Explorer. Not Firefox.

  • Just tried it.  

    "Your client does not support opening with Explorer."

    And IE sucks.  Why not make this work with Firefox and Chrome??  

  • BP


    Did you try to add your site address at IE option as I wrote at my 1st post.


    Anyway, you can install sharepoint Designer 2010 to do similar things as Windows Explorer.