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Domain verification not working

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It has been days since I have been trying to move my domain to OFFICE365 from officelive and it is not working. The whole internet can see the Txt and Mx records. You can yourself check them at for but for some reasons Office365 varification service can not. I started transitioning two domains of which first eventually transferred after 3 days even though the Mx and Txt records were showing after just 15 minutes. But for this one it is still the test of paitence. Could have been much easier if they just allow us to change nameservers and then let us confirm on their services online.


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  • Hi Aatom,

    I checked your domain and found the TXT record’s TTL was 1 Day. The recommend TTL is 1 Hour. If you set the TTL to one day then it will slow down the propagation speed of the TXT records.

    TTL of DNS record: the value identified how long your DNS record be cached on other DNS server or client. If TTL was 1 hour, then the record will be refreshed in 1 hour on other DNS servers/clients.

    Based on current situation, please follow the action plan below to verify your domain.

    1. Make sure your input the TXT record correctly. Especially it’s the MS=xxxxxxxx.
    2. Modify its TTL to 3600 (1 hours)
    3. Wait for some time. usually the verification process may take 72 hours.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du

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