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Final Elimination of the OLSB Websites

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It  is May 3, and my old OLSB website continues to be available, albeit under a different name, via Google references.  So for the time being, until the OLSB website is no longer accessible, I must maintain two sites - my old OLSB site and my new Office365 site.  When will my old OLSB site finally vanish?
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  • Hi Fran Gordon,

    Thanks for your post.  As you mentioned, the OLSB service of some server farm is still available. I'd like you can contact OLSB support and also access this site

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Hi Fran Gordon,

    How are you doing? I am just writing to see if there is any progress on this issue. I do not mean to push you. I just want to ensure that you do not encounter any problems during the troubleshooting. Thank you.

    Neo Zhu

  • Hi Neo.  Thanks for your response.  I checked today and found that I no longer have edit access to my old OLSB website.  I went ahead and accessed "" as you suggested, and  I requested that my old OLSB website be removed from their servers.  I am waiting for their reply.

  • Hi Fran Gordon,

    Thanks for your update.

    If you have any additional questions when using Office 365, please feel free to post them in the forum.

    Best Regards,

    Evan Zhang