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access to printable bill

  • I would like to give one user access just to get the .pdf copy of the bill each month, when I give user billing access, the account is unable to go to printable bill?  This is all I want the user to be able to do in the administration console - any way to do this?


    Thank you!

  • Hi squibnot2,

    If you have configured the user rights correctly for the Administrator, then it may be a browser issue which is preventing them from viewing the bill.

    Please try these steps:

               i.        Go to Tools

                         ii.        Go to Internet Options

                        iii.        Go to the "Advanced" Tab

                        iv.        Scroll down to the Security portion in the Settings Window

                  v.       Make sure that tls 1.0 and ssl 3.0 are ticked.

    Should you still be unable to view the bill, I would recommend contacting Customer Partner Care.

    You can find their contact details by clicking on the following link:

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Woolhouse