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Cannot verify domain name

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 Followed the transition guide, moved e mail and web site to office 365. Domain name bought from MIT through OLSB. Text record for kenkostekphoto was published but365 cannot verify. Office 365 states "cannot find record " try again. Trying to verify for four days now. OLSB website has been gone since  4/27  e-mail was lost today. Read about problems with explorer 9 and attempted to verify with firefox, no luck. Please help.
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  • Anna,  I think I have resolved the verification problem . I have my e mail and website running on Office 365. Some minor problems with the web site but I should be able to re-design it. Thanks  Ken

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  • Cannot remove domain name
  • Your name servers are still and  should be changed to Microsoft's which are:

  • Tradesman, I tried to change the name servers on the MIT site and I was unable to delete the ns1 or ns2 or select the "rename servers" option.

  • Don't try to change ns until you're verified. The nameservers need to be left as they are (Melbourne's) so 365 can verify and then changed. But Melbourne isn't processing any changes now anyway. They're trying to dig themselves out from under the many thousands of changes requested over the past week.
  • Wish I could help more, but this whole thing is probably the worst thing I've ever run into in the way of a transition in over 30 years in the systems field, poorly planned, the apps aren't even ready, the transition tools stink....and keep thinking WHY?  OLSB was a decent set of Apps that worked well and was plenty for most, now they stick people with an immature, unfinished Beta and say live with it????  Sad when apps have logins that don't work right (Web Outlook client, only saves the last user-ID to have signed in) and some don't even allow you to close them when not needed (Lync)....Looking into the Google apps side, hearing good things about them (and their support responds better)

  • Hi mchv2.0,

    Thanks for your reply on the forum.

    Hi Tradesman,

    If you have some concern about this transition, I would suggest you send feedback about your concern on the Office 365 website with the following link:

    < Online Services/Feedback.aspx?formID=210>

    Your useful ideas and feedback will help us improve our products and service. Your time and efforts are highly appreciated.

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your reply and screen shot.

    Is your domain be able to be verified in Office 365?

    If you would like to try to remove the domain, based on the picture you posted, I want to confirm if you could click Yes to remove your domain from Domains list.

    Moreover, I have checked the DNS information for your domain and found that you have changed the name server records to point to Office 365, if your domain has not been verified in Office 365, please change the name server records back to your domain registrar instead of Office 365.

    Anna Guo

  • ANNA

    Tried the suggestion, through MYMFE and get a RUNTIME ERROR

    Runtime Error

    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine

    For what it's worth have identified numerous problems through,, as well as the VP of MS Support and the SR. Service Delivery Manager for the OLSB to Office 0365  all to no avail also and info'ed to the CEO of MS, Mr Ballard and no one seams interested in fixing anything

  • Anna,  I think I have resolved the verification problem . I have my e mail and website running on Office 365. Some minor problems with the web site but I should be able to re-design it. Thanks  Ken

  • Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your reply. I am glad the issue is resolved.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is always our pleasure to be of assistance.

    Hi Tradesman,

    If you encountered any issue that is different from what Ken received, I would suggest you post a new thread about the detailed information of the issue you encountered and the steps you have done to resolve it, this is so we could focus on your questions and provide more specific solutions for you.

    Anna Guo