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Transition from MSOL to Office 365 - Can't Change Nameserver

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I cannot change the nameserver with Melbourne IT.  I have left several messages and emails with them.  My website is now completely down because of this transition and the person Microsoft chose to "partner" with won't provide ANY customer service.  I'm losing money by the day.  Can you guys not use some corporate muscle to get this taken care of?  This is insane!  This is a partner that YOU GUYS promoted and they aren't taking care of the customers that you sent to them.  Microsoft cannot possibly feel good about this.  PLEASE help!

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  • I'm sort of having the same problem only with Go Daddy. They tell me my nameservers are no longer with them because I pointed them to Microsoft. I asked the question  and it took me three days to read their answer because I couldn't find a valid reason in the book they sent me.. I've never understood that since I have purchased and registered my domains with Go Daddy, I would think holding my records is part of a registrar's role? They insist Microsoft has them. In order for Go Daddy to have  access to my records they tell me I need to have my website hosted with them, so point them back to them and they will give me access.. So now my domains sit in my domain manager useless to me.

  • Hi NMEKIM,

    My understanding of your problem is: you would like to move website to Office 365 and keep using the current mail service provider. Therefore, you cannot change the Name Server records to Office 365.

    Given this situation, please to change website address, create CNAME record and A record for SharePoint Online. The detailed steps are provided as below:

    a. Log in Office 365, click Admin.
    b. Click Domains on the left side.
    c. There is a sentence that begins with "Your SharePoint website address is...".  Click Change Address.
    d. Select the custom domain from the drop-down and click OK.
    e. After the website address is changed, select your custom domain, click Mange DNS. The DNS information such as A record and CNAME record for WWW will be shown in DNS Manager.

    For more information, you can refer to the following article:

    Add your domain to Office 365 without redirecting your name server records to Office 365

    @092255, if you would like to use another mail service provider, please redirect the Name Server records back to your domain registrar, and then create the required the DNS records such as A record and CNAME record for Office 365 services.

    Mindy Pan


  • I've been having a similar problem.  Following the directions shown on the Office 365 website I notice that when going to Melbourne IT that option to manage the DNS is never active.  That is why I have not been able to "verify" that I own my two domain names so they can be put in my new office 365.  I will try what you suggest, Mindy, and see if that helps.

    What I do not understand is why MS decided to do things this way.  Did it not occur to anyone there that those of us with domain names that were purchased through the old Small Business service should be able to transfer their exact same domain name, including their entire web site and email content, and that no further proof should be required?  In short, I don't get the CF that was selected to do this.

  • SerioSound,

    You have to do steps/areas 11, 12, 13, and 14 before you can click on [Manage DNS]

    Watch and follow the steps in -->  Move your OLSB Domain Name to Office 365

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  • Hi WebBuilder

    We did follow all those steps and have our sites up on Melbourne IT.  What doesn't seem to work is transitioning back to MS.  

    When we go into the ADMIN functions on MIT and select one of our domains the option "Manage DNS" never highlights so we can select it.

    Our sites are up and running on MIT and a search of the DNS provider via Whois shows MIT as the provider.  As far as we can tell there is nothing missed - that we are totally transitioned to Melbourne IT.  It is just that we can not "Verify" ownership as required by the new Office Web service.  However, we do see where there may be another way into the same functions as per the page you referenced so THANK YOU very, very much.

    Unless we are mistaken, our current web site and email accounts will stay as they are within Melboure IT.  We really don't do much of our business, as far as office based documents are concerned, on the web.  Most of the 365 services will likely never be used.  Perhaps we should keep things as they are and leave the site on MIT.  Time will tell.

    Again, thank you.

  • Wow, a quick follow up . . . just checked MIT and saw that our DNS was listed as not yet active.  It was activated 2 days ago and we did receive email notification from MIT once the processing was complete.  How we went from active to inactive is a bit of a mystery but at least we'll be back to where we were when I first posted here.


    Again, thanks for all the pointers.


    p.s. As we recall it took MIT overnight each time to complete the registration and the activation so, it may not be till tomorrow till we can see if we're able to transition back to MS.

  • SerioSound,


    I understand what you are talking about when you say that your DNS is not yet active through MIT. Unfortunately what has been happening in situations like this is the fact that MIT really had a hard time handling the volume of customers having to transition their domain names ALL at the same time.


    So what happened on MIT's end is the server load was so heavy that their servers crashed and the ones they did manage to get back up and running for Domain verification had issues where the batch would be started, but then would loop inside the server never completing the verification process. Those batches may have finished running, but never finished verifying. MIT uses an auto-reply email system to send emails after batches have finished running whether they know those runs were successful or not.


    Yours apparently was not.


    You'll need to give them a call, get someone on the phone with you and have them manually run your domain name through the system so it gets done properly this time. At this point, they probably do not even know that your domain name re-verification has failed.


    Good luck in this issue and thank you for bringing your question to the Microsoft Online Community pages to have it answered.


    Shaun Glasgow

    Office 365 Technical Support

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  • Thank you, Shaun

    We're running the activation again.  Just like the last time it is taking it some time to process so we doubt we'll see the final result, one way or the other, till tomorrow.  We'll check back then and let you know.

  • Hi SerioSound,

    I understand that we cannot create a TXT record or an MX record at Melbourne IT to verify the domain in Office 365. You will check the results later.

    When there is any update about this issue, please do not hesitate to post the information here.

    The following articles are provided for your reference:

    Moving your Office Live domain to Office 365

    Verify a domain at Melbourne IT  

    Mindy Pan


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  • Again, thank you all for the assistance but this is not working out at all.  It has been 24 hours and our site is still not activated.

    We went through all of this before and saw we were activated until the other day when suddenly we were not any longer.  How and or why that occurred is still a mystery.

    We still do not understand why MS is doing things this way.  There should have been no problem with a direct migration to the new site without going through a 3rd party.  As it is this is costing us time we could be spending on some production and performing operations.  Looks like we will lose this weekend getting this site set up elsewhere.  Basically we decided that if MIT does not have this activated so we can transfer it back to MS by the close of business today then we are going to set up on a totally different small business service provider located here in the USA.

    Regards and appreciation for all you're trying to do,

    SerioSound, Serious Sound Studios and Records

  • Hi SerioSound,

    I understand that inconvenience caused by this issue. Your time and efforts are appreciated.

    Given this situation, if you have any other questions about Office 365, please do not hesitate to contact us by creating a new thread on this forum.

    Mindy Pan


  • Thanks, Mindy.  We are starting the process now to move our urls elsewhere.  Here it is, over 36 hours and they have yet to be reactivated by MIT.

    We still do not understand why, when we got the URLs through you in the first place, we have had to go through this fiasco just to prove we own them.

  • Verification is an unnecessary and redundant step but in this case it doesn't really matter because even if you're moving elsewhere, MIT can't handle the nameserver changes. Despite having 2 years to plan, MSFT and MIT were completely unprepared for the volume of server change requests and domains are getting stuck "in progress" for days possibly weeks. Classic case of mismanagement and lack of customer focus.  
  • According to 3 different engineers, all of whom have worked net operations since the net was created, the whole process is unnecessary.  Office 365 could have either been added to the existing servers or all of the customer pages could have been transferred to the new Office 365 servers without even bothering the customers with this transition process.  Had MS simply said, "Hey, no more free small business sites - our new server service will cost $X as of 5/1/2010.  If you do not want to continue with our service then here is a guide to follow to move your web pages and email to another service provider", then we would have said "OK" and arranged for the monthly or annual payment.

    Now, with MIT still having our URL and the like in limbo it seems we may have to wait for them to get our URLs active before we can transfer them to a new provider.  Not sure about that . . . more questions for the consultants.

  • Ah, I had this problem two months ago. I know that this remark does not help. But, this whole thing showed a serious lack of insight by MS.

    To recap, I spent over a week, since I had the time, trying to get the MS process to work (they kept saying to watch the video, read the documentation -- sheesh, the process was faulty -- why should I help them debug the thing?). The MS program kept barfing on me. I saw lots of queries about this from other people. I also saw some MS people making attempts at helping. Some people, evidently, were helped. But, my problem was never resolved.

    That was what made me decide to move to another company. MS could have split out the thing. Step one, move to Oh!365? (as in, they taking better care of the nameserver issue). Of course, that would have meant that they would be handling the records. Then, a re-register choice could be put out later. MS could have charged a large fee, if they wanted, to force people to move their registry.  

    After I made the change, I moved the registry from Melbourne in minutes. For awhile, the new hosting company had the records which pointed back to MSOL. Once my websites were ready to go at the new hosts, I did the mere change of the record. That was two weeks ago. And, there were no problems (multiple e-mail accounts).

    I'm here today since once I made the decision to move, I put the MS issues out of my  mind. But, I knew that the 4/30 date would still hurt some people. Why couldn't MS see that? Of course, even if MS had done a better support job, I might have changed as I'm not sure that their cost structure bodes well for the small business. But, that's another issue.

    By the way, I blogged my interchange with the MS process. Perhaps, I ought to do a post mortem, at some point.

    I think that MS opening the doors via MSOL caused a whole lot of people to venture into the web on their own since paying the "experts" (which is another thing that MS suggested) was not necessary with MSOL. From my experience with the new host company, it's still easy. But, being an old timer, I went back to using HTML in order to have better control. Of course, I'm going to look at the new techniques, such as Drupal, etc.

    I hope everyone good luck with Oh!365?.