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How do I recreate my email on 365 which I have on olsb

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Not sure how to do this and the video just says you need to ensure that you do this before moving domain?


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  • Hi Jack,

    Yes I think its all sorted now, had problems with the alias but checked the email address and chenged it from onmircosoft to and I can now view these in my outlook.  So I think I am all done appart from transferring pages from old website to the new 365 public facing site.  I will get this finished tonight.

    Thanks for all the support on here.


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  • TanzarelliDesigns,

    Follow this -->Adding Users and Email Accounts to Office 365

  • Thanks will have a look at this.  Sorry for all the questions but this whole concept is doing my head in.  I hadnt even built a website until last year when I signed up for OLSB now it appears I have to start again from scratch.  I may have more questions so please bare with me.

  • WebBuilder not being picky but just to make you aware I spotted a typo in the example email address microsoft has been spelt like this microsorf with an r in.

  • got to the bit wher I am waiting for the result to be generated and its taking agesis this normal?

  • forget last question I have done it again and its now ok thanks

  • Hi again another question I followed the guide and stupidly set up another user first with info@ then my 365 addressonly to read further down that I could have just had an alias to my main email address.  can i delete the user and save having to pay for another licence after the free trial? will this work when I migrate my email from OLSB? as I have info@ on this?

  • TD,

    Yes you can delete that user.  There is a Delete link? 

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  • On my custom domain I have an email account begining with info@ I have one on 365 which begins tanz@ and have created an alias for info@ linked to this, will this be ok to use when I transfer my doamin over?

    Also how do I recreate email contacts and their email addresses from my OLSB info@ email to 365 or will they automatically be transfered with the domain?

  • Hi,

    You can refer to the self transition guide:

    Although most of the steps in this guide are only done by one person for the whole company, each person at your company will need to save and move their email, contacts, and calendar items.

    Please refer to Step2 of this guide.

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  • Just to expand on Thinkpad007's note, you can get a copy of the self-transition guide here


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  • Hi I have read the guide at step 2 and its more of a guide for transferring outlook emails and contacts etc.  I dont have outlook I use office live by windows live which is hotmail or is it? and I cant see how I can save and/or copy and email from this email account in order to then copy it to an outlook account or even another windows live email on 365.  How do I do this?

  • I have verified my domain and its status says verified.  However in the video tutorial it says there is a done verify button which then gives you the option to stage 2 where you can update existing office 365 email addresses.  I was never given this option after verifying my domain.  Also my melbounre IT manage domain page doesnt diplay properly and so I can view the nameserver radio button.  365 states that if its not sholwing I need to cancel DNS then change nameservers which I have done now to include for primary and ns2.bdm.microsoftonline.comfor secondary.  I have had an email from MIT now saying they have cancelled DNS management.

    I feel I am out of sync with the guide tutorial as it shows things I dont have access to and gives options I dont have.  Why is this????????????????????????????  

    I am getting quite annoyed with this now as I feel its been forced upon me and I dont particularly want the 365 benfits as was happy with office live for small business.

    Please help as im pulling my hair out here and my time in limited as to when I can do this whole thing.

    Is there anyone in the uk who knows and who I can phone to speak about it with I am based in worcester uk?

  • Tanzarelli,

    The whole process is very poorly put together. My guess is you answered "yes" to the question at the start about "do you already have a web site?" If you answered yes, the screens you see will be different and you'll get stuck on step 2. No problem, just cancel and start the process over. You won't have to reverify, just make sure you answer no when asked if you have a web site. I did one last night for someone and had to cancel and start over to get the email address/user screen and to be able to complete the process. After that the web site and email were working within about 30 minutes. 

  • Hi - if you're still stuck, please feel free to email me (address below) and we can try to sort things out.


  • Hello TanzarelliDesigns,

    Just checking to see if you can access online service of Office 365 properly now. If you need additional assistance on this problem, please let us know. Thank you.

    Jack Sun