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Slide Show Gadget unexpectedly shifts verticaly after published - Problem

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I think this is a glitch and it is making web design challenging.  Whenever I add a Slide Show Gadget reguardless of size and where it is, it always shifts vetically changing the formatt of the entire site.  Published positions are unexpected.  See included image.  I created an overlay to show the difference.

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  • Nothing yet.  I am looking forward to it though!  As soon as I do I will post here.

  • Thankyou for taking the time to get back to me. Yep I know that feeling! (-:

  • Just over a month and no correspondence yet.

  • Hello,

    You may attempt the options posted throughout this thread. The product team has received the request for change and will consider it for a future release however they currently have no plan to make a change in this area. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.

  • Jason,

    I understand what you're saying but I think we need to show a wee bit more of a sense of urgency to fix something that plenty of evidence suggests is broken.  

  • Jason,
    I find your comment to be a little insulting. Have you not followed this thread and my attempts to the options that we have invented?

    Also, I was unaware that there were "releases" to the software.  I thought that because everything was web based that updates and changes to an existing platform would be able to be made whenever they were needed.

  • Snooze,

    Good point - enhancements can wait for "releases" - fixing things that are known to not work properly can't. All this requires is removing 7 characters from the code the slideshow script outputs: <p></p>

    Why do people have to wait for that?

  • Well said, this issue has clearly gone on to long with no resolve. I have also put in a service request for this issue, I have received response back from them and although it is a relief to actually be dealing with a human being over the phone and not just representatives who seem not to have read the queries properly or reply with irrelavant, impartial or some times utterly useless information! (If you have read all my previous discussions on the forums you will understand my frustration) The issue is still not resolved.

    I must say though, although unable to resolve the issue as yet the chaps I have dealt with in more recent communication since the service request have been very good and dispite having not yet come to a conclusion are still taking steps to help and have been a pleasure to deal with.

    If the fault is with the programming in effect this is false advertising is it not? Perhaps a case for Trading standards, if not for the issue itself then with the level of customer service! Certainly prior to submitting a service request. (Not being overly technical minded, certainly with programming! I do not wish to be trying to re-write programs for Microsoft and don't feel we should have to even attempt it, particually as potential mis-haps are not covered, however I have tried everything else possible).

    Does anyone else also have have the privacy problem that when, say a potential client enters our website into their browser, along with the website results in the listings are my conversations on these forums. This is both very unprofessional and embarrasing, surely they should only be viewable to paying customers who are logged in to Microsoft 365 and not the entire world?!

    I do apologise for the essay I could go on, however this problem has been ridiculously time consuming enough not to mention stressful.

  • Dear Snooze,

    Have you had any luck resolving this issue?

    Kind regards,


  • I have not and it seems that the admins have forced this issue to be ANSWERED?  Umm.. no.  

    I don’t mean to be rude, but YES.... Microsoft has the issue in hand and has quizzed multiple people on the issue to verify its existence as well as troubleshoot potential work arounds described in this thread.  NO the questions and concerns have NOT been answered.

  • If the answer isn't correct you can always reject it. They automatically mark things as answered whether they are or not which to my mind defeats the purpose of having an option to mark a question answered.
  • Watch, that problem will not be fixed, for in a few months Office 365 is being replaced with Office 365 / 2013.


    Everything is going to change.   From team site to online storage and website editor.