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Trying to verify my domain.

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I'm transferring from OLSB to 365 but I cant verify my domain name.  The domain ends this is what I have done.

Signed into Melbourne IT my account console, under manage domain names I clicked managed domain names, I selected my domain name but the manage DNS option is greyed out.  What do I need to do?

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  • Hello K Allsop,

    From the description and based on my experience, you may contact Melbourne IT support to find a solution for the issue. 
    In addition, please feel free to refer to the following link to get the latest OLSB support.

    Thanks for understanding,

  • K Allsop,

    Please review this Video:  Move your OLSB Domain Name to Office 365

    Notice around 6:00 minutes (area 11) how Mike activated DNS.

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  • Hello K Allsop,

    How are the things going?
    In addition, do you need further assistance on the issue?

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Claud, this worked a treat, my email is accessible but my website seems to have disappeared.  I have done the trouble shooting available on the site and get a message that all the server records are correct, and just wait some more.  But I have been waiting 4 days and no one can access my website!  Any further help you can give would be great.

  • Hello Kate,

    Thanks for posting here.

    From the description, you may refer to the following article to check whether the website address has been changed.

    In addition, I noticed that you have posted a new thread about the specific issue. As a result, I sincerely suggest keep an eye on that thread about the issue.

    Thanks for understanding,

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  • Claud, Thank you so very much, my website is now accessible and business can return to normal!!  

    I have checked the self-transition guide for OLSB customers and this last step is not covered.  If it hadn't been for you  I would have given up and taken my domain elsewhere!  Thank you so very much again.