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Outbound Connector not working

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I set up outbound connector on my forefront a couple of weeks ago and it worked without any problems. Yesterday I needed to do the same for a client and now it is not working. I went back to check my testing account and now it is not working on there as well.

Please can anyone give me any insight to why this could have happend? I check my smtp relay no mails are being routed to it from the online exchange.

Please help!!!

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  • Hi,

    Did you get it resolved. We are encountering exactly the same problem, out outbound connectors are ignored since the 14/03. Before that date they were working fine. I have a call open at microsoft for two days now and still no solution.

  • My ticket is still pending... one of my other clients is still working... what country are you from?

  • Hi,

    From Belgium.

    When did your Outbound Routes stop working, was it also on the 14/03?

    My problem is now solved, I had to open a ticket at Microsoft and after two days of putting pressure on Microsoft Support, it went through an escalation  engineer and got it solved within the day.

    I'm still waiting for root cause but I received this vague information : "In order to resolve this issue, we have made changes of the outbound sever IPs(of O365)"

    Hope you get it solved also.

  • I'm from South Africa , They have responded to my ticket so I hope it will get solved asap I have another client with the same problem.

    As far as it looks to me it is totally ignoring my connector I have set-up...

  • Hi DreyerRetief,

    Were you able to get this resolved with your support ticket?