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Qaulity of service from Telstra Office 365 Good or Bad ?

  • I nee to assess how Telstra's Office 365 is perfoming. I trialled it a few months ago and customer support was attrociaous from Telstra How many Office 365 users are experiencinggood or bad experiences ?  
  • Dear ProjectManager

    Feedback is a gift and what we are hearing is that there are areas for improvement on the combined Telstra and Microsoft support offering for Office 365.  We want to hear more about your experience and identify the areas where we can improve.  We ask that you to become part of the solution by sharing your particular experience directly with us.  

    During the month of April, Telstra and Microsoft will be evaluating our support processes.  If you have had a poor experience with the Office 365 Support, we invite you to submit the details, your Telstra support ticket number together with your contact numbers to Isabel Boniface (Office 365 PM, Microsoft) and Steve Day (GM Cloud Support, Telstra).  By working through your particular experiences, we will be able to identify points of failure and work to remediate those.

    Both Microsoft and Telstra value our customers above all and we are committed to delivering not just a great product with Office 365, but to give our customers a great experience in your engagement with both our organisations.

    Steve Day

    General Manager, Cloud Services Support, Telstra

  • My experience with the transition process that occurred on the 16th March is very much on the negative side.

    These are the issues to date.

    1. Connecting my MacOS computers has proven to be very difficult with no accurate support to use. The menus that the support pages provide do not accurately identify what to do to setup the email. After some messing about with settings I managed to get the MacOS mail application to read the emails but I still cannot get it to send emails. I have to log onto the web portal to send emails.

    2. Contacting Telstra has been frustrating to say the least. The transition occurred last week and I am still waiting for someone to call me back.

    3. Pricing for the new service from what I have heard is to remain the same as the older release of BPOS even though is is priced cheaper in the US.

    4. When I set up my Blackberry mobile phone to the email service it started to mark everything as read even though I had not.

    This is what I have come across to date, but I am sure there will be more once I can even start to use the service. We haven't even been able to sort out the rest of the business yet.


  • Hi Jason

    Thanks for the feedback - Really appreciate it.

    Please can I ask you to send me your Telstra Ticket number?  We would like to addess this as soon as possible for you.