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DNS settings for NetNation

  • Is anyone using Netnation as their email hosting provider? I can't seem to get my personal domain verified with MX settings.
  • Hi I'm with Melbourne IT I'm having the same problem,

  • Hi Robto,

    Would you please describe the issue in more details? For example: can you verify the domain with TXT record? Did you get any error message when you tried to input MX record?

    Besides, domain verification may take 72 hours. Therefore, we may need to wait for some time.

    @Ryan: Did you follow the article below to verify your domain?

    Verify a domain at Melbourne IT

    If you want transfer your domain to office 365, then you may follow the article below to do so.

    VIDEO: Moving your Office Live domain to Office 365

    If the action plan didn’t work, then please submit a new post and description the issue in more details. My colleague will help you troubleshoot and fix the issue in the new post. Thanks.

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi,

    How things going on your side? If you need further assistance, please let me know.

    Alex Du

  • Hello! I am trying to setup a domain registered with NetNation for Exchange Online.

    It seems like they don't let me to add a TXT record at all. Should I make it use another name server, or can I still use it without the TXT record somehow?

  • Never mind my previous post, NetNation support helped me with TXT record

  • Never that, I just asked NetNation support to help me with TXT record

  • Weird, I am being logged in as two different accounts at random - what's going on?

    Anyway, if someone sees this, please delete my posts - I'm going to delete these trial accounts tomorrow

  • I can confirm this. Just start a trouble ticket, tell them the details and they'll set it up pretty fast.

    OTOH I have no idea why don't they allow us to set it up on our own. This way we have to:

    - set the MX record to some dummy address to verify our domain in Office 365

    - ask for the TXT record to be set

    - WAIT for the support team

    - and then finnaly create the email accounts in Exchange

    Between the 1st and last step it's all downtime for your email services.

    Also, some of the support assistants will tell you that they changed "-all" to "~all" to avoid malfunctioning of the TXT records (???), in which case you have to tell them to change it back to "-all" because Office 365 won't accept "~all", causing even more downtime...