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Email transition from OLSB to Office 365

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I'm unclear if step 3 of the self-transition guide applies to me.  As I signed up for the 6 month free trial of Office Professional Plus (which includes the online version of Outlook 2010) do I need to follow the directions in step 3 to transfer my e-mail and contacts from OLSB to Office 365 or will it be done automatically when I move my domain?  FYI - I don't have Outlook on my desktop. 
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  • It will not be done automatically.

    You don't need Outlook on your desk.

    Follow this: Adding Users and Email Accounts to Office 365 at

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  • Thank you, but just to be clear...I'm not looking to add any e-mail addresses for any other users.  We have only 1 with our business.

    What I'm wondering is if my existing e-mails that are in my current OLSB inbox and folders (as well as my current contacts) will automatically appear when I move my domain over.  They are not visible in my Office 365 Outlook right now.  I want to make sure I don't lose them when I move my domain over.

    Step 3 of the self-transition guide says:

    "The exclusive promotional offer for OLSB customers provides you with a 6 month free trial subscription of Office Professional Plus – The latest version of Office 2010 desktop applications. If you choose not to sign up for Office 365 with the promotional offer, and you have Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 installed on your computer, it’s easy to move your OLSB email, contacts, and calendar to your Office 365 account."

    So I did sign up for the Office Professional Plus with the promo offer, but I don't have Outlook on my desktop. Am I all set?  or will I lose my current e-mails if I don't take some action prior to moving my domain over?


    Ken is right. The emails, Contacts, and Calendars will not be automatically moved to your Office 365 account. Please follow the instructions in Step 3 of the transition guide to move these data to Office 365.

    I understand it is needed desktop Outlook 2010 to complete this. Since you have got the 6 month free trial of Office Professional Plus, please install Office Professional Plus in your computer, and Outlook 2010 is included in it. If you don't want to use desktop Outlook, after the transition completed, you can uninstall it.

    Reken Liu


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