I cannot verify my domain name on the 365 and thus cannot redirect my e-mail there.

My Domain name is from Melbourne IT

and it just came to my attention that your instructions are WRONG!!!


Melbourne IT does not support TXT verification!!! I just called them and also google confirmed this.

I can't believe this, I have waited for so long and this cost me a lot of business, my website is down and my e-mail is down.


Could you please verify that I own my domain name... because I am seriously thinking of switching to google. This is was very painful.


Here is what I got:

My domain name is nohra-studio.com

Should I use an CName verification method??? 

Should I enable  or disable private registration?

Should I lock or unlock the domain?

I need it to be verified ASAP so I can access my e-mails and website can be functional again.


I need someone to contact me at nohrastudio@gmail.com to resolve this.