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Change Billing email address

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I've checked a number of solutions posted to this question in the forum, but all answers did not work.


I need to change the billing email (payment notice/ invoice - we're paying by pre-authorized credit). I am on a P1 plan (small business, not enterprise).


Currently the wrong person receives the email. The administrator of the account should not receive the billing email/invoice, this needs to go to a separate email address, namely our book keeper.


Please advise.

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  • Hello Thinker,

    I understand the importance of being able to update your company’s email address. I will be more than happy to assist you with your request and thank you for your patience in this matter. 

    Per your request, I have provided you with the steps to update your profile in Microsoft Online Portal (MOP):

    Navigate to Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) 

    1. After logging in proceed to the Admin page. 
    2. Then click on the Company name to view or edit the company details. 
    3. When you get to the Company details page, click Edit
    4. The company details can now be edited.  Note that the fields that are labeled with “*” are required field. 

    Please NOTE that the Country or region field cannot be edited as this is permanently fixed with this subscription.  The only way this can be changed is by changing subscriptions.

    Once the fields have been edited and correct, press the OK button.

    Hope this addressed your question.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    The only contact email address displayed under the company details page is a "technical contact" email field. I'm trying to modify the billing email contact, not the technical address for the account.

    That is, the invoices/statements need to go to the accounting department, and the technical contact, etc. needs to go to the tech department.

  • Hello Thinker,

    Copies of the invoice reminder go to all Billing and global Administators on the account.

    Please upgrade your bookkeeper to a Billing administrator and they will also get a copy of the invoice.

    For information on how to do this pelase see this article .

    Please note it is not possible to turn off the reminders you recieve without removing your administration priviledges.

    Kind regards,

    Seán O'Sullivan

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