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New email account

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I'm trying to create a single user account, following Office 365 instructions, but step 1 states " in the header, click Admin." There is no header - where is it and which page should I be on?

I recently bought a Windows phone and want to have a personal email address that is separate from my business mail and cannot create a Microsoft account without an email address.

All attempts to other sites have failed as they say I do not have Outlook and they require an email address and password before I can create a new address. As I don't want to use my business email address, I'm stumped, surely Office 365 is Outlook?

Help from you clever techies would be appreciated. 



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  • Hi Sandy,

    Do you mean you want to create a new user account in your Office 365 tenant and use this user account as your personal email address?

    Besides, have you referred to this instruction article:

    Only the administrator of your Office 365 tenant can create a new user. Are you the administrator? You can post a screenshot of your Office 365 portal. We can help you identify this. Please feel free to click Use rich formatting in the forum, and then click the insert image button to post the screenshot.

    If not, you can contact the administrator to create a new account for you.

    Moreover, may I collect some information about “All attempts to other sites have failed as they say I do not have Outlook and they require an email address and password before I can create a new address”. Could you please provide some detailed information about this? Which sites do you mean?

    After confirming the above information, we will know clearly about the problem you encountered, and provide more professional assistance.


    Young Yang

  • 0830.homepremium.xml

    Hi Young,

    Thanks for replying.

    1. Yes, I do want to create a separate, new, email address for my Windows phone but I don't know what " tenant" is.

    2. I have clicked on the link you recommended but as I said in my original post, I couldn't find where to click on "admin.

    3. Yes, I am the administrator and I will post a screenshot.

    4. The other sites I have tried are as listed on my new phone: Microsoft - Nokia - Outlook - Yahoo Mail - Google. Nokia online manual. Windows Live Mail on website which says " Sign up for M/S account now" then says "Already have a M/S account?" So no facility for signing up without address and password.

    Hope you can help.


  • Sandy

    Some people just need pictures

    Sandy, If your an admin, then when you login, up on the top right, you should have a link next to your name that says "ADMIN", if you drop that down, and go to "Office 365" you will see "users and groups"

    Here is the guide that will help you after you get to the "Admin" page of your "tenant"

    Also, you have not said what plan you have

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  • Thank  you David, but this going round in circles. I am the only person who uses this computer and Office 365 and so am the Administrator. Nowhere is there a  drop down box for me to click on. I simply  enter my password , click on explorer which takes me 365 page, another password and click on inbox. No mention of administrator anywhere. Sandy

  • Hi Sandy,

    I would like to confirm if the Office 365 subscription has upgraded(blue portal)and which the Office 365 plan you subscribe. See at Am I using Office 365 after the service upgrade? I would appreciate it if you can capture some screenshots of the issue for further troubleshooting. I will help you check some configurations.
    As a tip, please click Use rich formatting > Insert image to upload the screenshot in the post manually.

    Johnny Zhang

  • Hi Johnny,

    Thank you for your email. My office 365 is pre upgrade. The opening page only gives the option of Home and Outlook at the top of the page - no admin.

    I appreciate your help, but obviously there isn't an answer. Therefore, I'm giving up.



  • I am also having the same issue as Sandy.  I am trying to set up my 1and1 email into Outlook 365 and the instructions state "in the header, click Admin"

    There isn't an Admin next to either my name or my husband's (we are the only 2 users he originally set us up and therefore is considered our Admin) see the picture here...



  • Hi Sandy,

    I understand the inconvenience caused by this issue, and the result that the issue hasn’t been resolved can be a little frustrating. However, I do hope we can work together to resolve this issue. As you mentioned, Office 365 administrators do not see admin option in Office 365 Portal. To narrow down if the issue is related to server side, we can create a new admin account without any license for test purpose. After provisioning the new admin account, we can access Office 365 portal( with the new admin account to check if the admin option can be shown.



    Hi kwerth,

    From the screenshot, it seems the Office 365 portal address is incorrect. We need to start a new browser (clear IE cache first) and access to Moreover, I would like to confirm which Office 365 plan you subscribe.

    Johnny Zhang

  • Thank you Johnny,

    We subscribe to Home Premium.  So, I guess Sandy and I don't have the same issue - I'm sorry I didn't start a new conversation I was trying to help and now made a mess of the forum. :-)  

    I logged in using and it still doesn't show Admin anywhere.  I checked on both my "account" and Steve's.  

    This is what it looks like...

    Microsoft account                                                                                                                                     Stephan Werth


    Edit name

    Account aliases

    Personal info


    Security info

    Close account




    Thank you again for your help and patience.


  • Hi kwerth,

    As for Office 365 Home Premium, I suggest you get help from . Because this forum focuses on Office 365 for small business and enterprise plan, and you may get solution from office support.

    Johnny Zhang

  • Hi Sandy,
    When you have time, please feel free to let us know the status of the issue.

    Johnny Zhang

  • Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for email.

    I should have let you know, but by sheer chance, I have been able to set up a new email address!!!!

    The exact route to this miracle is unclear as it followed two days of intensive searching forums, web pages and any link that showed any remote promise.

    Eventually, I was presented with the usual screen - enter email address/password but with a different option (in red) which allowed me to enter and set up my own password and address.

    I'm sorry that I can't remember the details. (Shock and surprise).

    It's good to know that there is help available when needed.

    Thank you.