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Office 365 Phone Support is horrible... Don't know what they are doing... Hire me

  • I have my own personal Office 365 account which I'm using for my work for testing, because for some reason, MS doesn't think it a very high priority to get MS Gold partners who are trying to sell this product over to Office 365 from BPOS.

    So our company has not been migrated, and I had to either make multiple trials, or purchase my own... for simplicity's sake, I purchased my own....

    So now onto the support part of this....  I call MS Office 365 Support every few days for one of our customers... and the most recent issues I've been talking with support about, usually concerning migration I get a different answer from almost every tech support agent.

    For example, Concerning migration from Exchange server 2003 to Office 365, in a situation where the user does NOT want to keep the on premise exchange server, but DOES want to keep the active directory and have Dirsync enabled, and later on Domain Federation enabled. Some tech support people tell me that you CANNOT run the Dirsync tool before using the migration tool in the portal to migrate mailbox data, and then SOME tech support have been telling me that you are SUPPOSED to run DIRSYNC first. And the reason those support reps say to use dirsync first, is because they believe that the migration tool does NOT create the mailboxes and users in the portal for you, that you must DIRSYNC those first, or create them manually in the cloud first.... however I know from actual experience testing the migration, and from documentation on technet ( and I'll quote from that document "

    When you migrate Exchange mailboxes to the cloud in a cutover Exchange migration:

    • The migration service provisions new mailboxes in your cloud-based organization. It creates a cloud-based mailbox for each user account in your on-premises Exchange organization. On-premises distribution groups and contacts are also migrated to the cloud.
    • After the new cloud-based mailboxes are created, the migration service migrates e-mail messages, contacts, and calendar items from the Exchange mailboxes to the corresponding cloud-based mailboxes.
    • After the initial migration, the Exchange and cloud-based mailboxes are synchronized every 24 hours, so that new e-mail sent to the Exchange mailbox is copied to the corresponding cloud-based mailbox.



    It says right there that the migration tool does create the mailboxes, so in that case its become very very clear to me that MS has call centers set up with people answering the phone who have NO IDEA what they are doing.... And to add to the issue of using Dirsync with cutover migration, I was just told today on tech support the OTHER answer, that you cannot use Dirsync before OR after a cutover migration because and let me quote the tech support rep "We don't know if the mailboxes will soft match"   that sentence, along with another support rep telling me that there is no LAB in their facility where they can test this stuff, really makes me wish my company was selling Google apps, just because I know that would be more successful.... not that its a better product...



      This thread, also points out the inconsistencies in the documentation that Microsoft has had up for the past few months... (   However, the links that he linked to, the content has been changed, so I'm assuming that MS FINALLY realized that this was NOT professional at all, and did something about it... I remember the old help documentation saying opposite things....

    I don't know how MS can fix this except by providing better training, or firing lots of people/not using call centers... or there should be some sort of tech support line for higher level support, for people who know what they are doing, who don't have small issues... At this point I usually call, and have to wait on hold for 5-10 minutes while the person on the phone tries to "investigate" my issue, and then I'm usually asked some of the same questions again, which make it clear that the person doesn't know what my issue even is, much less how to help, and then they say they will ask a supervisor or talk to someone else and I'm back on hold.... and usually the problem ends up unresolved and they ask for my email and they will email me with a service request number and other information that we discussed, well half the time even after VERIFYING that they have my email correct, I never receive that email, and when checking the portal for the service request, hey what do you know, it was never created..... so then I call back and go through the whole process again with another person... Sometimes, I get someone who is obviously not just in some call center, who knows exactly whats going on, its a huge difference...  HUGE difference.....

    Microsoft, your process is NOT as easy as google apps, and it will never be looked at the same by anyone who has used both... that's just a fact, at this point you should focus on doing things correctly instead of competing.. or whatever caused this issue...

    I actually like Office 365 myself... I like it better than Google apps as far as the actual usage/features.... but the migration and set up process of Google apps, is 10x better... much clearer, better documentation, better support...  I personally believe that MS has made a big mistake with allowing half of the people that answer their tech support calls to even answer a phone much less represent Microsoft....  I have no reason to say any of this except that I hope that MS takes a look at this.... because I hope that this support/documentation gets fixed, and that their people get trained....  Anyway, that's my rant.... back to work....

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  • One could say the same thing about some of the Gold Partners. Why would you rant here, when the partner site has its own places for partners, their own care team and everything else, then you will moan when you don't a sale. Google Apps is not BPOS or Office 365, it is like comparing a train to a motor boat.

    Too many partners on here seem to lost to be called partners, and I worry what the long term effect of that might be.

    Thats my rant.

  • Care to give me a link to any of those places for partners instead of just trying to flame me? your not being any more of a help than anyone else... and that's the problem... I've been doing this job since January,  started with BPOS, and then office 365 once it was announced/released...   I couldn't care less if our company doesn't sell, its just frustrating as the IT guy who is dealing with imbeciles on the phone.  I really seem to know more about their process than they do half the time...

    I don't care if you say google apps is not bpos or office 365, they are pretty much competing cloud products.... companies most likely wont set up email on google apps for example and then want all the other features of office 365, which also offers email,  and since email is probably the biggest feature that companies need, it IS a competing product since both products provide enterprise email.... and if a company is going to provide licenses for multiple users, sometimes in the thousands, I doubt they are going to pay for both services... they will see which one offers the most value for their purchase...   but good job on making yourself look cool for flaming the ranter... Mr Edward

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