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Service Request to extend trial

This question is not answered This question is not answered

I need to complete a service request to extend my trial.  I am working with my company contacts in Microsoft and we need more time.  For two days now when I go to create a service request I end up seeing a messsage that says:


Sorry! We can't process your request right now.
The service is temporarily offline for scheduled maintenance or we're
investigating a problem. We're working to get it back online as quickly
as possible.


Correlation ID:

Error code:




I need to request an extension but I can't.  Please help.


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  • As far as I know the trial is 30 days but also has a 30 day grace period before anything is disabled/changed. Are you at the end of that?
  • I called the number for support and was able to extend my trial.  Now the issue remains that I can't submit support requests through the web portal.  

  • Drew,

    That is due to scheduled maintenance, but you can always ask on here.