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I want to fully redelegate my DNS

  • Hello,

    Is it true that with the E3 plan, I cannot fully redelegate my DNS?

    If this is true, I wish that this would be explained in the documentation that is provided. Also, if I cannot fully redelegate my DNS what are the DNS entries that I have to enter on my hosting site?

  • Not sure where you got that information, you can move name servers to wherever you want in an E3 plan. You simply go to your registrar and update your name servers either to or from the Microsoft servers. If you need your DNS records take a look at the Exchange Deployment Assistant for various records you'll need and you can also look at the domain section of the Portal, click on your domain and click DNS to find the records you need to add.

  • well heres the thing.. i started to move my domains over and one domain i changed the namservers to point to the one provided by microsoftonline and it says it is partially redelegated and i cant edit any dns entries.. i called tech support and put in a ticket and they are taking a long time to get back to me..

    so.. how do i get my domain from partially redelegated to fully redelegated in office 365?

    btw.. ive read a couple of forums to where the moderators have said that there is no way to fully redelegate your dns in the E3 plan.

  • Hello lisa26,

    Office 365 Enterprise (E3 included) uses a partially redelegated model where you manage your DNS settings at your registrar, or at another non-Microsoft DNS manager.

    Office 365 Small Business uses a full redelegated model where you point your DNS nameservers to MS and the DNS settings are then managed by MS.  If you do this, then any DNS changes you make at your registrar other than to the nameserver have no affect since the nameservers point to MS and MS is managing your DNS.  Note that most registrars won’t allow you to make any other DNS changes once the nameserver settings have been changed.

    It is possible to use partial redelegation with Small Business; however, you can’t use full redelegation with Enterprise and the MS DNS Manager.   

    Jorge is correct in that you can fully redelegate your DNS to another DNS manager even if you are using Enterprise, however, this can't be the MS DNS Manager.  Most people would manage the DNS at their registrar so this is not a very common scenario.

    The fix is easy; you need to go back to partial redelegation.  Simply change your nameservers back to your original settings and manage the DNS settings at your registrar using the settings provided by MS.  From the MOP admin Domains page, select your domain and click on DNS Settings to get the settings that you will need to setup at our registrar's DNS manager.

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass - MSFT Support Engineer

  • todd,

    thank you.. that is all i needed to know. i asked tech support after reading a few forums and they weren't sure about it..

    so to make sure i have this correct. i change my nameservers back to my hosting company (which happens to be my registrar) then go to the dns setting for the domains that are added to my account and add them to my hosting site?

    then emails and everything should start working?

    thanks again both of you for your help!

  • Hello Lisa26,

    Yes you are correct in you understanding.  


    Glad that we were able to help,

    Todd Douglass - MSFT Support Engineer