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Office 365 and Android Tablet

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How can I set up Office 365 to work on an Android tablet? I can get my emails via the exchange server but would like to work with the Office products.

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  • Do you mean you'd like to access content on SharePoint Online from your tablet? If so you will need to find an app from the Android app store that supports SharePoint Online. Same with iPads.

  • Hello Philthefunnel,

    Does the above reply answer your question?

    Jack Sun

  • Hi Jack

    No - when I go to the Android app it will not download onto my Aspect Tablet. I have followed the instructions but when I try to download it tells me that there is no phone associated with this application. I am not using a phone but cannot get past this message.

  • Hello Philthefunnel,

    Is there any default email app on your Android tablet? You can access your email in Office 365 via POP/IMAP with the default email app. The settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access can be found by clicking “Options > See All Options > Account > My Account” in OWA.

    Meanwhile, if you want to get helps about obtaining Applications on Android tablet, I suggest you go to “Android Tablet Forum” for the help.


  • Hello Philthefunnel,

    Have you found Android Apps for your Android tablet? If you have not, you may try the Sky's suggestion to access your email using the default app on Androind tablet. By default, we can use an e-mail program that supports IMAP4 or POP3 to access your emails in Office 365. Thank you.

    Jack Sun