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Office 365 with iPad 2

  • I am sitting here with my iPad 2 and want to use Office 365. While it works "ok" in safari I cannot edit any documents directly. What application can I use to be able to access AND edit Office 365 from my iPad.


    (No, I do not want any help with how to use on anything but an iPad)

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  • I feel your pain here and as much as you, i would love for this as well.

    But first, the iPad is NOT built for input of data, (yes you could carry around your Bluetooth keyboard) but it’s more of a viewer.

    There are some 3rd party Office programs you can use and browse the documents in and then open the docs in that program but i haven’t found any way of uploading them back up. so you have to mail them out and then upload them well you can see where this is going....

  • So far we have tried Pages, Quickoffice and Shareplus. They all claim to be able to edit documents. Pages is the only one that actually can edit docs, but as you say. We cannot publish the new document back to our sharepoint

  • Hello Lasse,

    By design, mobile connectivity was intended for e-mail support:

    Hopefully in the future we will be able to get more features.


  • I have just download a trial version of 365 & the first test was to be able to view files from the iPad 2. I would have thought a 365 app would be available, that simply allows you to open documents in other applications. This unfortunately means our business will be staying with dropbox.

    It's a shame as the PC portal has some very good features

  • I can open an excel or word doc in Shareplus Lite, then edit the doc in Office2 HD (ipad) or Office2 Plus (iphone). When I attempt to save the doc in the ipad I get a pop-up saying "Save Failed. The folder is read only. Try saving to a different folder". There is a paid for version of Shareplus which costs £10.49 ($14.99), has anyone used this, if so can you edit and save docs?

    The iphone version of Office2 Plus acts a little differently when attempting to save a doc within Shareplus Lite. Instead of a "Save Failed" pop up, I am offered a choice of in app purchases. I predict if I went ahead and purchased the extra app to save the doc, I will get the Save Failed pop up.

    The shareplus website offers a tutorial:

    The other way is to open the sharepoint teamsite in Safari, and browse for docs. Open a doc, then choose to edit in the browser. This works but is extremely slow.



  • Has anyone tried Coaxion? It works with both Dropbox and Office365.

  • Wait for Office for iOS until then I am afraid the webapps will have to suffice.