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Combine different levels of Plan E within same domain

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Hi MS,


After testing "Office 365 Plan E" for some days, I have subscribed / contracted now Plan E2. Question is if it's possible to combine other / lower Plan E licences within the same domain - meaning same Active Directory domain, and same subscription contract?


Thanks & regards,  Oli

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  • Hello Oli

    This should be possible, if you log in on your Office 365 -> Admin -> Purchase

    There you see all possible add ons you can buy under the same domain / contract.

    Best Regards Julian

  • Hi Julian,


    Yes, additional licences of the same type can be added without prolongend the "master subscription contract", e.g. add some other "E2's" to an already subscribed set of "E2's". And yes, there are other products / subscriptions listed that can be added to an account.


    My questions is particular is, if it's possible to add lower / higher licences to an existing "Plan E" set of licences within as "master contract".

    For example: 10 "E2" user already licensed and working in 1 Domain (Plan E); then e.g. 5 "E1" users and / or maybe 5 "bare Sharepoint" (without Exchange etc.) users want to join. Thus, goal is to tailor one Plan E domain to the particular user's needs...


    Is that possible, without signing a parallel contract for lower "Plan E" licences with new minimum contract period??


    Thanks,  Oli

  • Hello Oli

    Over the Purchase you can add higer / lower and single Products of the Microsoft Online Services to the master contract.

    The minimum contract periode does not change with this.

    The only thing that doesn't work is to add a Plan P1

    Best Regards Julian

  • Hi Oli,

    Thank you for your request.

    It's possible to combine different levels of Enterprise offers because your domain is added to the service itself and you assign them to your users.

    However, if you have purchased 5 licenses Plan E1 already and would like to order another 5 licenses for Plan E3, you can use your already added domain for these 5 new user as well.

    Same with SharePoint Online, your 5 new ordered licenses for Plan E3 are in your Office 365 environment  and these user have also access to your already created SharePoint environment.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

    Kind Regards,


    Microsoft Online Services

  • Hi Andreas,

    If I have understood your current reply in full, that should cover all the (technical) Domain membership and Server access aspects. Thank you!

    Last question is, if this can be done also within 1 contract. Have learned that later added "E"-licences do not prolong a signed Office365 subscription contract, but align with current terms & conditions (espcially contract duration). If I order e.g. some "pure" Sharepoint or Exchange licencses, do they also get fully aligned with the already signed Office365 ("E") contract with respect to terms & conditions?

    Kind regards,  Oli

  • Hi Oli

    A short example for your question:

    First Contract, buy date 01.01.12, duration 1 year, automatic renewal if not canceled / end date 01.01.13.

    Additional buy of Exchange Online / SharePoint / E-Plans, buy maybe 01.08.12, duration until 01.01.13 / automatic renewal.

    Additional services ends at the same date like Plan that was bought first.

    Best regards Julian

  • Hi Shaco,

    Hi Oli,

    If you buy, for example an E3-subscription at the 01.01.12 with the duration for a year. It's end date is at the 31.12.12 and renew date at the 01.01.13 because a new billing period is starting.

    If you purchase another Plan of the Enterprise-family, for example Exchange Online Plan 2, this subscription will have a different run time, e.g. if you order at the 13.07.12, it will expire at the 12.07.13, and renew at the 13.07.13.

    But, you can use all these services, however when a subscription starts. The prime reason to make this possible is because it's all in one tenant / domain environment (e.g. - global admin address).

    (Your own domain, e.g., etc., will be added afterwards on your own to this global admin address).

    Your Domain "" you setted up in Plan E3 already is also enable to use for new user with Exchange Online Plan 2.

    Kind Regards,


    Microsoft Online Services

  • Hello Andreas

    It is so that if you buy an new Office 365 part with a new * has a different run time,

    but if you buy additional licenses within a contract the runtime end at the same date like the main contract.

    Best regards Julian

  • Hi Shaco,

    I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I try to explain it again with a short overview.

    The Runtime of a contract for a subscription depends on the start date of a subscription, that means:

    - You sign up for Office 365, by using domain

    - Buy 5 licenses Office 365 Plan E1 at the 08.10.2012, it's end date is at the 08.09.2013 for domain

    - A week later (17.08.2012) you decide to order 2 additional licenses for O365 Plan E1, it's end date is still 08.09.2013, because you increase the seat count for the same subscription type.

    - Another week later you decide to order additional licenses for Exchange Online (Plan E2) for tenant

    (this is a new type of subscription for tenant and it's start date is at the 24.08.2012)

    Just if you order both subscriptions (O365 Plan E1 and EO Plan 2) at the same date with the same tenant, both subscription will have the same start date.

    Antoher case:

    - if you order O365 Plan E2 at the date of 08.10.2012 with tenant (it's end date is at the 08.09.2013)

    - a week later (17.08.2012) you decide to order more licenses for O365 Plan E2 for tenant, but you use instead of the Microsoft Online Services Portal to increase licenses.

    (this procedure will also generate a new subscription of O365 Plan E2 in your tenant, however you have a Plan E2 subscription purchased before or not). This means the start date of this subscription will be the 17th of August 2012 and it's end date is at the 16.08.2013.

    Best Regards,


    Microsoft Online Services

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