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How can I change the www DNS entry

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Since it is not possible to create a BLOG-Entry on the public website due to missing sharepoint webparts, I want to switch the public website back to my old server.

So I opened the DNS-Manager and want to change the www entry and point them back to the IP of my old Server.


But unfortunately I can't switch the www entry, because it is auto-generated.


So: How can I get my old website back.

There is too less functionality for a public website.


It should be possible to edit the DNS entry, even when it's generated by default.

Maybe add a button -> set to sharepoint public website.


Greets - Helmut

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  • I decided to transfer the Primary Nameserver back to my Provider and manage the entries there.


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  • Sehr geehrter Herr Obertanner

    Der DNS Eintrag, den Sie in der Verwaltung sehen, ist der vom System vorgeschlagene Eintrag bei Ihrem Domaenenregistrar.

    Um die Webseite wieder auf Ihren alten WWW-Server zu leiten, muessten Sie den A-Record wieder umstellen, was bei Ihrem Domaenenregistrar gemacht werden muss.

    Dear Mr. Obertanner

    The DNS entry in your Administration Center is the suggested entry at your domain registrar.

    To redirect the web page back to your old WWW-server, you would need to switch the A-Record. This needs to be done at your domain registrar.

  • Hallo Arthur,

    no. The Entry in my DNS-Manager is a Read-Only entry.

    My Registrar is MicrosoftOnline. The Domain is delegated to microsoftonline, and there are the Primary Nameservers for my domain now.

    You can check it when you do a dns lookup:


    Also I don't want to change the A entry, because it pints to the Office365 Teamsite.

    I just want to change the www Entry so that it points to my old webserver.

    Or - give me an Option in the Teamsite where I can say: The public website is redirected to another server.


    Greets - Helmut


  • As you can see in the Domain-Manager:

    I can't edit the www-Entry!!! That should be possible!!

    Even when it's redelegated to Microsoftonline. I'm the owner and so I should be able to change the entries for it.



  • Dear Mr. Obertanner

    I am sorry there is still confusion about your domain settings.

    The DNS Manager in your Admin Center is completely different from that at your domain host.

    It is important to understand that Microsoft is not your domain registrar.

    As suggested before, the DNS entries in your Office 365 Administration Center are not set at Microsoft Online Services, but are simply the suggested entries at your domain registrar.

    To redirect only the www web page back to your old WWW-server, you can change your CNAME for "www" at your domain registrar to point at your web server.  This needs to be done at your domain registrar.

  • Hello Owen,

    thank you for you response.

    When I setup my domain to Office365 I was asked to redelegate my domain to Office365.

    I was suggested to set the primary DNS-Servers from the current one to:

    So I did.

    Office365 manages all entries now for Sharepoint, Exchange and Lync, etc.

    Also I can use the DNS-Manager to edit entries and add custom entries formy Domain where the primary NS is as I understand.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to edit the www entry in the Manager as you can see in the screenshots.

    So my best option is to redelgate my domain back to my old provider, but then: what if microsoft changes the IP's for Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint TeamSite servers  etc.

    That is not usable for me.

    So: the only usable Options for a customer would be

    A: make it possible in Sharepoint to redirect the public site to another server

    B: Make the www-Entry editable in the DNS-Manger

    C: Add missing features like BLOG, etc to Sharepoint

    Greets - Helmut

  • I decided to transfer the Primary Nameserver back to my Provider and manage the entries there.