Because we will set the date for service upgrades, we might end up picking a day that's inconvenient for you. Perhaps your IT team has training scheduled for that day, your Office 365 lead is getting married, or its the busy season for your business. We want to make it easy for you to tell us that now just isn't the right time.

Once your service upgrade has been scheduled, you’ll see a "Postpone" button appear on the service upgrade options pages. You will have about three weeks from your initial scheduling notification to postpone. (Check the email: the deadline for postponing is at the end). After you submit a request to postpone the service upgrade, you should receive another email within about a few days letting you know your upgrade is coming in four weeks.

Use your postpone option wisely: You can only postpone your service upgrade once.

Still have questions? Check out the Feature FAQ: Postponing the Service Upgrade.