Attention: This page is scheduled to be removed on June 30, 2014. Please refer to the Message Center in the Office 365 admin portal to stay informed about changes to your Office 365 service, including new features and actions you need to take to keep your service running smoothly.

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Current Progress

In our most recent update on the service upgrade, over 97% of our customers have either been upgraded to the new experience, or will be within 30 days. For everyone who hasn't heard from us yet, we expect to have nearly everyone upgraded in the next few months. For those of you who want the new functionality as soon as possible, you can experience in your pre-upgrade environment:

Progress update blog posts

What to expect with the service upgrade

We'll be rolling out the service upgrade over the course of 2013, and is completely automated: During the upgrade, email, instant messaging and sites will keep working. And if the date we schedule your service upgrade for isn't a good time for you, you can Postpone it.

Most Office 365 users shouldn't need to do anything to maintain connectivity after the service upgrade, though there are a few exceptions that we have communicated directly via email in the past months. You can review these exceptions in the service upgrade guide.

Explore the Service upgrade experience.

Resources for Office 365 Admins

Find the help and guidance you need in one place. Communicate service upgrade news to your users and manage expectations with ready-to-use email templates, find existing Microsoft training materials for users, or check out the service upgrade guide.

Explore the Service Upgrade Resources and Welcome Kit.

What's New in the Office 365 Service Upgrade

The service upgrade for Office 365 coming in 2013 will deliver exciting new features, including:

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