More frequently asked questions for Office 365 Small Business

More frequently asked questions for Office 365 Small Business

This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about Office 365 Small Business.

FAQs for admins
FAQs for users

FAQs for admins

Domain Management

How do I add my domain?  
How can I remove my domain? 

Exchange Online – Administration

How do I create a shared mailbox?   
How do I set up Outlook for Office 365?     

How do I export items to an Outlook data file?

Exchange Online – Connectivity

How do I troubleshoot Outlook connectivity issues? 

Office 365 User Management

How do I add user accounts to Office 365?     
How do I reset an admin password?  
How do I reset a user password? 

FAQs for users

Exchange Online – Connectivity

How do I fix email connectivity problems after Office 365 upgrade?

Exchange Online – Outlook

How do I move email and contacts into a new Office 365 account?  
How do I import Outlook Items?  
How do I export Outlook items?  
How can I recover a deleted item in Outlook?  
How do I configure connected accounts?   
How do I set up mail forwarding?  

How do I share my calendar?


SharePoint Online

How do I upgrade my public website in Office 365?



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  • I cant even get my office 365 to be deployed

  • There is just me, I am an independent consultant and use Office for this an for personal.  I am trialling small business premium because Microsoft say Home Premium is for non business purposes which in my case is not 100% correct so I thought I would do the right thing by them and get Small Business Premium.  Now I have which is where I have a licence and installed the software but then my Outlook session says I am  Where did that come from?  I did set up a but this is just empty.  I am so confused.  This is just nuts.  I tried Outlook Web App and it is not seeing my Outlook that is this

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