This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about Office 365 Small Business.

FAQs for admins
FAQs for users

FAQs for admins

Domain Management

How do I add my domain?  
How can I remove my domain? 

Exchange Online – Administration

How do I create a shared mailbox?   
How do I set up Outlook for Office 365?     

How do I export items to an Outlook data file?

Exchange Online – Connectivity

How do I troubleshoot Outlook connectivity issues? 

Office 365 User Management

How do I add user accounts to Office 365?     
How do I reset an admin password?  
How do I reset a user password? 

FAQs for users

Exchange Online – Connectivity

How do I fix email connectivity problems after Office 365 upgrade?

Exchange Online – Outlook

How do I move email and contacts into a new Office 365 account?  
How do I import Outlook Items?  
How do I export Outlook items?  
How can I recover a deleted item in Outlook?  
How do I configure connected accounts?   
How do I set up mail forwarding?  

How do I share my calendar?


SharePoint Online

How do I upgrade my public website in Office 365?