This FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about Office 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Midsize Business

FAQs for admins
FAQs for users

Office 365 Known Issues

FAQs for admins

Account Management

How can I switch Office 365 plans?
How do I activate my Office 365 subscription?
How can I view my Office 365 bill?

Domain Management

How do I add my domain? 
How can I remove my domain? 
How do I set up my MX records and other DNS records? 

Exchange Online – Administration

How do I set up Outlook for Office 365?   
How can I restore deleted mail?  
How do I set up resource mailboxes?  
How do I manage mailboxes?  
How do I set up Send As permissions for my users?  
How do I set up retention policies? 
How do I create a shared mailbox? 
How do I manage distribution groups?   
How do I remove automapping for a shared mailbox in Office 365?   
How do I set up mail forwarding?  
How do I migrate email for my organization?
How do I set up an Exchange Server 2013 hybrid environment?

How do I back up email?

Exchange Online – Connectivity

How do I troubleshoot Outlook connectivity issues?

Exchange Online – Mailflow/Transport

How do I set up an SMTP relay in Office 365?

SharePoint Online

How can I add an app to my SharePoint site?

How can I tell if I have SkyDrive Pro?

How do I upgrade my public website in Office 365?

How should I prepare for a SharePoint Online upgrade?

Office 365 User Management

How do I add user accounts to Office 365?    
How do I reset an admin password?   
How do I reset a user password?

FAQs for users

Exchange Online – Connectivity

How do I fix email connectivity problems after Office 365 upgrade?

Exchange Online – Outlook

How do I move email and contacts into a new Office 365 account?    
How do I import Outlook Items?  
How do I export Outlook items?  
How can I recover a deleted item in Outlook?  
How do I configure connected accounts?

How do I share my calendar?


Lync Online

How do I install the Lync client?

How do I add an external contact in Lync?