Sites and document sharing

Sites and document sharing

Here’s a roadmap to information about working with SharePoint Online sites and document sharing within Office 365.

Note: This page will be updated continuously, so check back for the latest updates.


Managing and working with sites: 

 Sharing documents: 

Collateral information: 


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  • Why would Microsoft want to launch a web office service without a good public facing website product?

    For bigger companies I guess what interests them is internal collaberation but for medium and small businesses we are first interested in the Web.

    In this times I think it would be better to rather offer nothing for the Web than a product that is extremely limited.

    On the flip side, if you added to Office 365 a top class public website product the service would be extremely attractive.

  • The Detailed Feature Summary for P1 plan fail to open/download

  • "SharePoint Online Detailed Feature Summary for small businesses (see Appendix B) NEW!" throws error on download

  • Sharepoint

  • •SharePoint Online Detailed Feature Summary for small businesses (see Appendix B) NEW! Link is broken and a very bad look considering the product on offer is a web server...

  • Documents and Downloads/Small Business Sharepoint Online New! COULDNT BE OPENED!

  • Thanks for the heads-up guys! Sorry for the trouble. The link to the SharePoint Online Detailed Feature Summary for small businesses has been fixed.

  • Sorry- where are the enterprise videos - I click on the link and simply get directed to MS Office page - can you please fix this - it strips the end of the URL and simply posts you to    this does not help.

  • some of these links dont work!!

  • granvista, Thanks! The affected links should now work.

  • Hi, I don't have the option to upgrade to Sharepoint 2013 in 'My Site Settings" link?

    I would really like to upgrade to 2013 before we launch to staff.


  • anyone know why one of the users can not save file.  i went over the details w/her and she still can not save file.  she has access to do so.

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