Welcome to the Office 365 Service Upgrades and Updates wiki page — your one-stop location to learn about exciting new features and improvements to Office 365.  

Service Upgrades
A service upgrade is a major release of new features and functionality. It's similar to a new version of the product.

The Office 365 service upgrade coming in 2013 will bring exciting new features and increased functionality across devices, all with a more unified user interface. Our Service Upgrade Centers provide news and administrative announcements as well as details about the improvements and new capabilities.

Find out what to expect according to your plan:

Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Enterprise

Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Small Business


Service Updates
Service updates are individual service improvements that occur throughout the year. See what's new by selecting your plan:

Service Updates for Office 365 enterprises

Service Updates for Office 365 for professionals and small businesses