Now that your Office 365 service upgrade is complete, it’s time to start benefiting from the new SharePoint Online experience, including the updated look-and-feel, easier collaboration with people outside your organization, drag-and-drop from your desktop to the browser, and more.

You can initiate the upgrade of your SharePoint Online site collections with just a few clicks. If you have customized your site collections, you can even test it out by creating a demo upgrade site collection. We recommend that you take care of site collection upgrades yourself, and complete them before April 1st, 2014.

We don’t want you to miss out on all the improvements coming to SharePoint Online, though, so if you don’t upgrade them yourself, we’ll start triggering site collection upgrades in April 2014 based on your upgrade date.

Please note that a few customers who had their service upgraded before April of 2013 may have their site collections upgraded in February or March of 2014—we’ll let you know about this via the Message Center.


Note: The triggering of site collection upgrades will apply to your Team Sites only. The upgrade will not impact your Public Site collection.


Additional Site Collection upgrade resources

Frequently asked questions

How do I upgrade my SharePoint Online site collections to the new experience?
Just follow these instructions.

Why is Office 365 automatically triggering site collection upgrades to the new experience?
The new SharePoint Online experience has a number of improvements, including a fresh, clean look and feel, easier sharing of documents both inside and outside your organization, and the ability to drag documents from your desktop and drop them onto your sites.

Your organization is missing out on these great new features.

Which kinds of site collections will be automatically upgraded?
All SharePoint Online site collections will be upgraded, with the exception of public sites.

MySites will be upgraded first. Learn more about MySite upgrades.

Will my public site also be upgraded to the latest version?
No, at this time we are not triggering the upgrade of public site collections.

When will Office 365 begin to trigger automatic Team Site upgrades?
The bulk of Team Site and other site collections upgrades will begin in April of 2014, and while we expect it will take until the end of June 2014, it might be longer. A few customers will be upgraded in February and March.

Can you tell me the exact date I will be scheduled for this work?
Dates will vary, and we will only schedule customers a few weeks in advance.

If you are concerned about timing and want to control the date each site collection upgrades, don’t wait for us. You can start upgrading your site collections today.

How long will it take to upgrade all of my site collections?
In most cases, it will only take a couple of days from start to finish. If you have hundreds of site collections, however, it may take a little longer.

Can some or all of my sites keep the old look-and-feel for longer?
The new SharePoint Online look-and-feel isn’t a big change from the old one, and we think your organization will really like new features and functionality.

But upgrading the experience of all of your SharePoint Online sites (excluding public sites) is required.

Are there any common issues with upgrading site collections?
Yes, we maintain a page documenting common issues here.

When Office 365 upgrades my site collections, will you run the health checks recommended in the upgrade How-To guide?
While we will run some automated, lightweight checks on site collections before upgrading them, the health checks and other steps in our How To documentation are not something we can do for you. We strongly recommend you follow this guidance and upgrade site collections yourself—especially if you have customized your site collections.

This program will not perform health checks, nor will Microsoft demo the site collection upgrade to verify visual fidelity. It will simply upgrade the site collection in its current state.

Questions about customized Site collections

While it’s not common, we know that some Office 365 subscribers heavily customize their SharePoint Online site collections, whether it’s complex workflows, advanced design work, or even adding Javascript code.

If I encounter trouble upgrading a customized site, can I ask for a delay?
Yes, you will have a one-time option to postpone the upgrade of a Team Site or other non-MySite site collection. The ability to postponement will be similar to the postponement option in the Office 365 service upgrade: you’ll be able to postpone in-product, and will give you some additional time to resolve the issue you discovered.

Can I call support to postpone my site collection upgrade now?

Office 365 support can't postpone your automatic site collection upgrade. Postponing will be offered as a self-serve feature within Office 365.

When will the postpone option appear in Office 365?

The ability to postpone your automatic site collection upgrade will appear several weeks before we plan to start upgrading your site collections.

Is it possible to preview a site collection before it is upgraded?
Yes, the site collection upgrade process does offer the option to demo an upgrade to see what it will look like. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this feature, especially for customized site collections.

How can I preview site collections with more than 20 gigabytes of data?
At present, this is a limitation of demoing a site collection upgrade. We are investigating potential options to address these site collections.