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Office 365 Setup




SharePoint Online

Setting up your SharePoint site

Sharing your SharePoint site
Customizing your SharePoint site

Exchange Online and Email


How To

Lync Online

How To


Lync and Learn Sessions
Our Lync and Learn program allows Community members to present 30 minute to 1 hour Lync sessions to the entire Office 365 community. This is a great opportunity for anyone to gain valuable exposure, networking, and share their knowledge. Below is the list of past and upcoming Lync and Learn programs.

You can view video recordings and slide shows of the sessions on their blog posts.

Lync and Learn Sessions:

  1. From File Server to Office 365 - Jennifer Mason
  2. Keys to Successful Rich Coexistence Deployment - Jorge Diaz
  3. Introduction on how businesses can benefit from SharePoint Online - Rene Modery
  4. The Missing Lync in Business Today - Jethro Seghers
  5. Lync for Mac 2011 - Dave Kong
  6. Office 365 administration - Surya Begum
  7. Federation with Exchange Online and Lync Online - Loryan Strant
  8. Why SharePoint Online - Michael Hinckley
  9. Learn how to make Office 365 personal - Surya Begum
  10. Delivering Professional Quality Webcasts Using Lync Online - Brett Hill
  11. Configuring your Android device to work with Office 365 - John Ventry
  12. Data Security and Data Compliancy in Office 365 - Jethro Seghers
  13. Preparing for an Office 365 Exchange E-mail Transition: Tips, Tricks and Tools - Scott Cameron
  14. Introduction to SharePoint Online Development - Corey Roth
  15. Lync to Phone, Overview and Setup - Sean McNeill
  16. Instant Collaboration with SharePoint Online - John Ventry
  17. Back to Basics - Setting up Office 365 - Kelsey Epps

Ignite Webcasts

Ignite Webcasts are online sessions led by Microsoft Office 365 Product Managers, Engineers and support staff. The Ignite webcast series addresses different Office 365 technical subjects and scenarios and is beneficial to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the Office 365 suite. View the Ignite Site for more information about Ignite programs and webcasts. You can view past Ignite Webcast sessions here.

You can view Ignite Webcast information, video recordings and slide shows of the sessions on their blog posts.

Upcoming Ignite Webcasts

January 2013

February 2013

  • Feb 14 - Understanding Identities and Single Sign On - Daniel Kenyon-Smith
  • Feb 21 - Cutover and Staed Migrations - Daniel Kenyon-Smith

March 2013

  • March 6 - Hybrid Deployment - Daniel Kenyon-Smith
  • March 14 - Understanding DirSync - Daniel Kenyon-Smith

Past Ignite Webcasts

January 2013

Office 365 Expert Discussion Series

Microsoft Support will be presenting a series of webcasts called the Office 365 Expert Discussion Series, to showcase our tools and content that can be used to help make your Office 365 experience better and help solve common issues more quickly. 

You can view upcoming and past series blog posts, video recordings and materials below.

Office 365 Expert Discussions Series:

  1. Troubleshooting Issues with Sending and Receiving Email in Office 365 - Steve Justice
  2. Office 365 Outlook Client Connectivity Troubleshooting - Kevyn Pietsch
  3. Troubleshooting DNS Issues for Office 365 - Jeremy Kelly
  4. Troubleshooting Advanced DNS Issues for Office 365 - Jeremy Kelly
  5. DirSync and Office 365 - Steve Justice
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