When is Microsoft ending support for Windows XP?
Microsoft ends all support for Windows XP on 8 April 2014. To learn more, visit the Windows XP end of support site.

My organization can’t upgrade all of our Windows XP machines before 8 April 2014. What should we do?
While Office 365 will not block connections from fully patched Windows XP computers after 8 April 2014, connectivity to the services cannot be assured. If you can’t upgrade to a modern operating system, please make sure you have deployed all service packs and automatic updates from Microsoft. Not only do unpatched Windows XP machines poses greater security risks to your organization, they also run a much higher risk of Office 365 connectivity issues after support for Windows XP ends.

How will my Office 365 and Windows XP users be impacted after 8 April 2014?
When you call Support with an issue connecting to Office 365 from a Windows XP client, they may not be able to help unless the issue also appears on a modern, supported version of Windows.

There is also a risk that the Office 365 experience with Windows XP may be sub-optimal, or even unworkable. This risk will increase over time.

Will Office 365 block connections from a Windows XP machine?
No, Office 365 will not block connections from Windows XP.

What kind of features of Office 365 may behave differently?
We won’t test Office 365 with Windows XP, so we can’t predict what kind of experience your users will have with the service. For example, it’s possible that certain features of Office 365 might behave differently, suffer from performance problems, work intermittently, or stop working entirely. Over time, the user experience will degrade.

How can I get a few more months of Office 365 support with Windows XP?
Office 365 is not offering extensions or custom agreements to support Office 365 on Windows XP.

If I sign a custom support agreement with Microsoft for Windows XP support, will this include connectivity support for Office 365?
No. Custom support agreements are limited to the support of covered products only. A custom support agreement is not intended to extend support to other products even if such products are used in conjunction with the covered products.