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  • I received a comprehensive post from a Patrick. Thank you most helpful but it's bedtime in the UK and I have some basic questions before I proceed.

    I am a freelencer and I am on P1. Presumely I can't issue licences to non Office 365 users? But if I move to P2 or P3, can I?

    I use several email addresses including a hotmail address. It points at several hundred contacts not all of whom use hotmail. Does this mean that such non hotmail contacts are not using Windows Live?

  • Stuart, did anyone get back to you on your question below? If not, I'll forward to the 0365 community team. Thanks!

  • Lync Mobile..What about meetings?  That feature doesn't seem to work. I can use Lync on my Iphone with both federated and non frederated accounts but it won't work with meetings.

  • @Brian T. Grant -- Hi Brian, you can join meetings by clicking Join in the meeting alert only if the meeting is set up to use dial-in conferencing. For details, see Configure dial-in conferencing, Does that answer your question?



  • Patrick, I installed the Lync for iPAD. We have our own internal Lync 2010 server. So i vpn into the office on my ipad, and i imported the server certificate into my iPAD, but when i try to sign in it keeps saying my version is old, and i need to sign in. in the Lync server, the client version is allowed.

    any thoughts?

  • @Manjo212: Hi Manjo, I hope you've gotten an answer to your question by now; if not, could you start a new thread so the support folks can take a look at it?


    Patrick Kelley, Lync Technical Writer

  • everything is in 2013 but book is 2010

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