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What is Office 365 exactly? I'm so confused !

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My university's IT center send an email to me and asked me to join their new product called Office 365. I searched a lot and I found Office 365 is a cloud service which users can access their data everywhere. but How?
When I log in to my Office 365 page, I just have two options; Home and Outlook at the top of page. How can I access to my documents which I've created in my PC ! 
Why my Office 365 and Hotmail accounts have different password which they are inherently connected! I mean if someone send me an email, I can access in both accounts, logically.  Also for other services such as Skydrive.
Not only me, many of my colleagues also are confused with this service. Would you please someone clarify what is it exactly? As I said, I know this is a cloud service that you can access to your data every where but how?
Also I have problem with Lync, Sharepoint and Skydrive Pro. How can I find my university's Sharepoint's ULR.
How to configure Skydrive Pro with my University (Or Microsoft account), and also what is Lync! Is it a public messenger such as yahoo messenger or just a private messenger for a small business? I mean can I configure it with my Office 365 account or Yahoo messenger ?

I'm really sorry for my long question and also really appreciated for your guidance.

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  • Hello MajidR,

    Regarding the description above, I will answer the questions one by one:

    1. Since Office 365 is a cloud based service, once users are on the Internet, they can access their Office 365 services.

    2. The reason that you only have Home and Outlook in the Office 365 page while no Team Site is that you have no SharePoint Online license.

    With SharePoint Online license, users can share documents and information with colleagues and customers in Team Sites.
    For more information, you can refer to:

    You can contact the administrator for help with the SharePoint Online license, then you can get the SharePoint URL in Office 365 Portal.

    3. After connecting the Hotmail account to Office 365 account by setting Connected Accounts in Exchange Online Control Panel, users can access the emails for both accounts in the inbox of the Office 365 account.

    However, Hotmail service is different from Office 365, so the credentials are different.

    4. SkyDrive Pro is your professional library—the place to keep your work documents. You can think of SkyDrive Pro as your SkyDrive for business. When you store your files on SkyDrive Pro, only you can see them, but you can easily share them with co-workers and access them on your mobile devices.

    For your reference:
    What is SkyDrive Pro?

    5. With Lync Online, users can connect with others through instant messaging (IM), video calls, online meetings, and phone calls.

    For more information, you can refer to:

    Please take your time to view my reply, hoping it helpful to you.

    In addition, you can get more information via the following link:

    Cherry Wang

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  • Hi MajidR,

    I'm writing to follow up on the previous thread. How are things going?

    Cherry Wang

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  • Dear Cherry

    First of all, I should thank you for your fast replying and also of you're follow up to solve my problem.

    Although no doubt your answer was perfect but I'm confused yet. The information you've sent are the general concept of office 365 but i need them more simpler. I asked many students here and they don't know what is it exactly !

    As I mentioned, i know office 365 is a cloud version of Microsoft office. I already contacted to my administrative to take sharepoint URL and waiting for their reply. I will let you know once they answered me.

    But why I'm still confused ? I had an account in hotmail (Live@edu mail) supported by my university. one month ago they sent me an email and mentioned they've upgraded my account to office 365. Now I have two same accounts with different passwords !! Is my Microsoft's mailbox account different from the one in office 365? I mean if someone sends me an email, I can check it in both of my mailboxes ? so what is the need of having two different passwords!!  I think this is too messy!

    By the way, One of my main question is about Lync. I've installed Lync newly and I haven't heard any thing about the existence of Lync in the past. Consider I have 3 messenger account, one hotmail, one yahoo messenger and one google talk. Can I connect with all of them with Lync? Or lync is just for a specific IDs that provide by a local area for example for all students just inside the university plan.

    i heard Lync has many options like desktop sharing that are very useful in regular chats.

    Thank you


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  • Hi Majid,

    Regarding the concerns as mentioned above, I suggest you refer to the following link which is everything users need to know to prepare for a successful upgrade from Live@edu to Office 365 for education:
    Live@edu Upgrade to Office 365 for education

    There is rich information about Live@edu Upgrade to Office 365 in that page. Also, you can find there is dedicated forum for Live@edu Upgrade to Office 365 where you can ask questions.

    In addition, for Lync Online, you can also refer to Microsoft Lync Online for Enterprises Service Description.

    Cherry Wang

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