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Managing Office and Azure without local AD

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My company is currently using Azure and we'd like to add Office 365 Enterprise ASAP. I haven't found any documentation detailing how to directly sync O365's AD with that of Azure; all docs assume you have a local AD that will manage your cloud tenants. We'd like to avoid having any onsite servers -- including AD.  Is it even possible? What are my options? Documentation?



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  • Hi Nic,

    For the time being, a solid official answer about the question and documents about using Windows Azure with Office 365 has not been released.
    You can refer to the following link to submit feedback to improve our products. Many features and documents have been released and upgraded based on customers’ feedback.

    Moreover, we also welcome other community members that have similar experience to share their information in this thread.


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  • "Create a Windows Azure AD tenant by signing up for a service as an organization" and to use this same organization account to register for O365. There seems to be some limitations tied to individual accounts.

    By doing this, it appears, Azure shares its instance of AD with Office365.

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  • We offer cloud federation service that we launched primarily for Office 365 for those who do not want on premise DIRsync or ADFS servers, but it can be configured for any federation requirement. Our service is hosted in Azure, physically alongside Microsoft's Office 365 servers, so its extremely robust, and can be configured to either replace the onsite solution you are looking at or work alongside it as a backup. We can get your users federated up and running within hours.

    We deal with academia and corporates alike, and offer it at a much more cost effective option than an onsite solution.

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