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Multiple DirSync servers cause a failure of Dir Synch

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Hello, I am the person in charge of managing the ADFS/DirSynch side of our company's Office365 project and I noticed a strange issue with Directory Synch. I had everything working just fine when I had a single ADFS server, a single Dir Synch server, and a single Proxy Gateway server. However, in order to guarnatee uptime for our remote employees, I was tasked with installing a secondary server for High Availability. This works fine for the ADFS server (just joined it to the Farm) and the same with the Proxy Gateway. But when I installed a second Directory Synch server and ran the configuration, it caused the original server to report an error with "SourceAD". I re-configured the primary server and it worked great when I forced DirSynch but as soon as I re-configured the second Dir Synch server, it caused the original to start throwing errors again.


It seems as though Dir Synch only works on a SINGLE server. How do I resolve this issue? I need HA for my servers.



Dave Shields

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  • Hi Dave Shields,

    Based on my understanding, there is no server farm for DirSync at this point. When install DirSync in one computer, system will a MSOL_AD_SYNC account in local AD. This account is used by the Directory Synchronization tool to read the local Active Directory information. If you install DirSync tool on a second computer and configure it, the password for this account will be modified by the new DirSync server, and as a result, the previous DirSync will stop working.

    Consider that the DirSync service can be easily recovered by re-installing the tool on another computer, I think there is no need to realize HA for this service. Detailed information can be found in Install and Upgrade the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Reken Liu

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