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Sample CSV file to bulk-create external contacts in Exchange Online

  • ExternalContacts_sampleCSV.txt

    Attached is a sample CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that you can use with Windows PowerShell to bulk-create external contacts in Exchange Online. You can then use it to populate the external contacts with additional properties.

    The attached file is actually a .txt file. Open it in Microsoft Excel, and save it as a CSV file. Use commas as the delimiters. Then replace the sample data with your own data. Be sure *not* to change or remove anything in the header (first) row.

    We’ll post a blog and a corresponding wiki page with step-by-step instructions on how to use PowerShell and a CSV file to bulk-create external contacts. When they’re posted, we’ll post links to them in this thread.

    For more information about external contacts in Exchange Online, see:


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  • Link to the wiki with instructions on how to create external contacts using the sample CSV file: