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O365 stuck in setup. Is this Baked?

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I have two MS accounts:




I open Office on my Windows 8 phone and it shows content for the 'Blah' account.

I want to access my 'Snah' O365 account.

The first time I clicked on O365 I was prompted to set it up, which I did.


Everytime I click on O365 it goes to "Setup" and then tells me "there is already an account named". No other option exist and the app has put iteself into a hole.


It appears that either the Office Phone Application or O365 service has hung.


So... Since I'm evaluating O365, I need to make a decision. I know for a fact that Microsoft likes to release products that are not fully "Baked"... (Still raw on the inside). Is that the case here? I can't deploy this as an enterprise solution if everyone is going to have the same issue I am having with such a primary task as Setup...


Any thoughts? Solutions?

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