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  • Forum Thread: Outlook Rule: Subject 'Begins with:'

    Hi there, I am trying to create a rule in Outlook that would filter the message based on the first letter of the subject line. For example, if an email comes in with the subject 'Aero test', I would want to move it to the folder titled 'A'. I understand there is not a simple way to...
  • Forum Thread: Outbox messages stay in outbox and keep on sending again and again

    Is there any rule I can set to erase messages from outbox after 5 minutes they are put in the outbox? Kindly reply asap. appreciate your support.
  • Forum Thread: Outlook 2010 Hangs Up When I Try to Make a Rule

    Since I transitioned to Office365, my Outlook 2010 has been hanging up (Not Responding) when ever I try to make rules or create any Quick Steps. I have tried to repair Office 2010, but it has not cured this problem. Everything else seems to function just fine. Any suggestions?
  • Forum Thread: Problem with syncing rules

    I just encountered a problem with my Outlook web access & Outlook 2010. I have been setting up my rules (as always) in outlook. But some of them weren't being synced to outlook web access. So all the messages that should have been put into folders and assigned categories and/or importance...
  • Forum Thread: Outlook Junk Mail

    One of my users has his IP Voice messages going into the junk email folder. I added the Cisco Notification address to the contact list and also created a rule for that sender to always move the messages to the inbox. With those two changes the messages over ride the rule and end up in the junk...