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  • Forum Thread: Office 365 Groups

    Loving the new groups feature, just wondering if i can trick the calendar into working with Outlook 2013. I have it attached but unable to edit it. Changed my access via powershell for the mailboxpermissions to Owner but I still cant edit (can see the name of the appointment). Any way around? I thought...
  • Forum Thread: E1 plan not allowing login to MS Office for iPad apps

    I work for a non-for-profit in Canada. We signed up for the E3 trial while we were awaiting approval from Microsoft to have the non-profit pricing for MS Office 365. We were approved, and I signed up the organization for the E1 plan. I "purchased" the free plan, and switched all of the active...
  • Forum Thread: office 365 in android

    Hi can anyone advice me i currently have the basic subscription for office 365 can it be sync to an android tablet so i can work remotely when on the move rather than using my laptop Thanks Bryce
  • Forum Thread: Outlook 2013 -Minimize screen feature is closing out Outlook

    When in Outlook (2013) and I click the "minimize" botton on the top left of the screen, this feature is closing down Outlook I also tried, right clicking then selecting "Minimize, and then same thing happens, outlook closes. I have tried running a Quick fix as well as a regular fix...
  • Forum Thread: Confusing login policy: have Office 365 and want to log into Onedrive and Onenote

    Hello,. I have P1 plan from Office 365. someone sent me a link to shared folders on Onedrive. I can not log into that onedrive link with the office 365 login details. Same with Onenote. thanks for any help.
  • Forum Reply: RE: How to change from Office365 Education E3 Trial to the free Office 365 Education E1

    Hi Shah, At present, it is not feasible to renew a trial Office 365 subscription. If you want to change to the Office 365 Education E1 plan, please add the domain (e.g. into the Education Trial tenant, then verify the education eligibility. Note: The same domain cannot be used in different...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Office 365 Education

    Hi Derrick, No. If your school is using Office 365 for Education, it provides Exchange Online mail services. However, Dreamspark doesn't provide such mail services and it is different from the Office 365 account. You cannot use it instead. Thanks for your understanding. Thanks, Kid Yang
  • Forum Thread: I need to disable or uninstall Lync

    I have Office 365 loaded on my PC through work. Every time I start my PC (or reboot), Lync starts up and immediately crashes. It never gets up and running, I have to cancel it between attempts to restart itself. I've tried repair it. Its causing my PC to take literally 10 minutes to finish booting...
  • Forum Thread: Share Only Particular App to users in SharePoint Online private site

    I need to share my app with external user, who have only one page access permission (view only) , not entire site. How can I share my app to external user without giving him view contents permission ???? Thanks in Advance .:)
  • Forum Thread: SharePoint Online Contact list sync with Outlook web app contact group

    Hi , I need to Sync my SharePoint online site Contacts list users with my Outlook web app programmatically ? or with out import export. I knew that we can sync our SharePoint Online Contact list with Outlook Desktop via OOTB Connect to Outlook Option But how to do same with Outlook web...
  • Forum Thread: OneNote broken on Project Site created from Template (Ropened)

    Hello all, I have been checking the community and found this post which was unanswered and we have the same case. Are there any updates. We also have to update the site template manually for the Notebook because it still reference the main...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Outlook 2013 Standalone 32bit with Office 365 ( hosted exchange ) won't receive any emails but can send

    Hi Eve, To narrow down the issue, I would like to confirm some information below: 1. For "We are using Office 365 ( Hosted Exchange ).", do you mean that you are using Office 365 Exchange Online service? 2. If so, can you receive emails in the Office 365 OWA(
  • Forum Thread: Outlook 2013 Standalone 32bit with Office 365 ( hosted exchange ) won't receive any emails but can send

    Hi there, We have very strange issue with Outlook 32 bit client. We are using Office 365 ( Hosted Exchange ). One specific computer can't recieve any email, but can sent. We restart 3-4 times. Doesn't help. Other people in the same office space ( same network ) with identical Outlooks / Exchange...
  • Forum Thread: Office 365 Business Premium Product ID

    Hi What is the the product id for Office 365 Business Premium. If i use the product id for Small Business Premium( O365SmallBusPremRetail ) in the Deployment tool i get an error during activating the product.
  • Forum Thread: Excel 365 Online can't load file

    Hi there, We using Office 365 in our company and we don't use desktop versions of Office. Some people have got a complicated Excel file with a lot of calculations and formulas. We will open that files in Outlook Web app or OneDrive, there is an error; Can't load worksheet'. ' View of...
  • Forum Thread: Office 365 ProPlus license use in-district organization devices.

    Is there any way to our district can take advantage of the Office 365 ProPlus application for installation on district-owned devices? I'm assuming the Office suite available to staff/students is meant for personal devices owned by the individual, but is there any way we can deploy the suite on our...
  • Forum Thread: Error Message

    I'm having problems trying to sign on to the Office 365 apps for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on my iPad and iPhone. I'm using the student edition. I can log in to them on my desktop no hassle but they won't let me sign on my iOS devices. Please help?
  • Forum Reply: RE: One Drive (Share Point) Not Showing Correctly For End User

    Hi Damon, I would like to collect the following information to identify the problem: 1. Whether the user can create, upload or do other operations in her OneDrive for Business library. 2. Could you also capture a screenshot when the user clicks FILES on the OneDrive for Business navigation bar...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Password Reset Issues

    Hi MSolution, This is a normal behavior. The root cause may be the local cache and the Outlook still uses the old credentials. In this situation, we just need to update it manually as you mentioned. If you have updated it but the Outlook still keeps prompting for the password, please feel free to...
  • Forum Reply: RE: I have installed a new hard drive and need to reinstall office 365

    Hi Nigel, Do you mean you want to install the Office contained in Office 365 on your new hard drive? I would like to explain that the Office suit contained in Office 365 is installed on our C drive, the default location can’t be changed. So, you can reinstall the Office, but the Office is still...
  • Forum Thread: Searching for mail in Outlook 365 Web Application produces no results

    When I try to search for mail using the OWA, i always get the same empty result "Your search didn't return any results", yet I know there should be results.
  • Forum Thread: Plumsail button is not working in the edit mode !

    Hi, After adding the Dashboard Designer from SP Store and reactivate the button the plumsil buttun is not working !! I tried another browser the issue remains Am I missing a step?
  • Forum Thread: Office 365 and Infopath 2013 : Can't select task approver !

    Hi , I am using infopath 2013 in local to customize my list in my public site in Office 365 I can't do the selection of the persons ( approver) while the assign to is working must I change the value and add the persons approvers in the entreprise (manual fill-in)? I can't select nor edit in...
  • Forum Thread: contact us form error

    hi, I have a MSDN Licence, i want to add contact page to my site I added the app when trying to insert the app part following this and I got this error ! how can I proceed? Regards
  • Forum Thread: All Android devices have stopped syncing with or connecting to Office 365 account

    As suggested, I am re-posting an issue here, though it seems to be the same issue as in existing threads. I've been using OneNote on an Android phone (Galaxy S2 running 4.4.4) for some time, logging in with my Microsoft Account. I have been syncing with a number of Notebooks that are located on...