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  • Forum Thread: Office 365 Pro Plus for Mac, Activation Issue

    I have a user that is attempting to activate their Office Pro Plus subscription on a Mac computer. I can confirm they are licensed for the product and they download it from the Office 365 portal. -Once they install and got through the setup and they get to the "Sign in to activate Office for...
  • Forum Thread: Office asking for verification

    Hi, I installed Office 365 Home Premium for mac (downloaded from microsoft) on my MacBook Pro, everything is working fine except when I tried to directly open an office file (docx, xlsx, pptx). Every time I double-clicked any of those file, I am asked to verify my subscription but it always...
  • Forum Thread: Question on raw query in Outlook for Mac 2011

    How do I search a whole item for a particular term in a raw query? What I want to achieve is a search for any message that either contains X or contains Y. The standard search functionality only seems to support boolean and, not boolean or. Using a raw query I can specify an "or" relationship...
  • Forum Thread: office 2011 Mac upgraded to office 365 Mac

    hey there I would like to know if i have just purchased and installed office 2011 Mac University ( which is the same as office 2011 Mac) and i have just accepted microsoft offer to get a free upgrade to office 365 Mac, do I need to uninstall my just installed office 2011 Mac just to take advantage of...
  • Forum Thread: office:mac 2011 no license

    why is Office:mac not working? I have a license but it's not working, every time I'm prompted to upgrade.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Is there a microsoft access trial version for mac?

    Hi Pasang, May I know whether you want to use Office version for Mac OS PC? If so, Office 365 provides the Office 2011 version for Mac PC. You just need to register one trail Office 365 account, then when you use Mac PC to access Office 365 portal, you can follow the steps below to download software...
  • Forum Thread: Access for Mac?

    I've tried installing the trial version of Microsoft Office 365 on my Mac on 2 different occasions, and Access does not install onto my computer. Is there a trial version of Access for Mac?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Accessing documents in Office 365 - SharePoint from a home computer

    Hi alNV, Microsoft Office 365 is compatible with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 or a later version. Based on the situation, I recommend you to install updates for Office for Mac 2011, and configure Office to access your team site referring to the following article:
  • Forum Reply: Re: Need Help: Apple MacBook Office 365 / Office Professional

    Hi GeekNutz, Here are some links for your reference: Set Up Outlook for Mac 2011 for Your E-Mail Account Set up your Mac for Office 365 Office 365 for Mac Thanks...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Downloading Office Professional Plus for Mac

    E3 Subscription include Office for Mac. Where can we download the Office for Mac Image (not the updates avaliable on the macoffice website) We need the Complete New image
  • Forum Thread: Timestamps incorrect on Outlook 2011 (Mac)

    My company recently switched us over to Office 365 and the timestamps have started showing up incorrectly on emails in Outlook 2011 (Mac). Original emails sent will show up as being sent later than the reply emails, and they will show up out of order, etc. When I log into the web application of Outlook...
  • Forum Thread: Professional Plus For Mac?

    Hi There, Will office professional plus ever be released as a download for mac? Thanks, Andy
  • Forum Reply: Re: How long should it take to Set up Office" I've been loading for about 5 min.

    Hi CainCain, Can you access the software management page by using your Office 365 Small Business Premium account? Here is the URL for software management page: After you click to download from the URL, it will activate the software automatically...